Ten Minutes With David Dragoo

March 10, 2009

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What is your favorite…

Pre-game meal:  several hundred ribs w/ extra sauce and broccoli

Snack:  Fuji

Musical artist:  Radiohead

Actor:  Russell Crowe

Actress:  Nicole Kidman

All-time movie:  Gladiator

Book: Anything by Tony Robbins

Class taken at Georgia Tech: All difficult ones…please it’s Georgia Tech


Please answer the following questions:

As a kid, my sports idol was:  John Elway

My game today resembles this player:  Mike Weir (for obvious reasons)

This team has the best uniform in all of sports:  Boston Celtics

If I could add one tournament to the schedule, it would be:  The Masters

My favorite and least favorite drills in practice:  Least- putting to the “safety zone”;  Most- wedges

People say I look like this celebrity:  Mike Weir

The one thing I can cook really well is:  Everything … I am Iron Chef

I can do this one thing better than almost anyone:  fly fishing … it’s not even close

One thing people might not know about me is:  I am severely red/green colorblind

My dream job would be:  PGA Tour

My best non-athletic talent is:  Making money

If I could play another sport at Tech, it would be:  Football

My pre-game ritual includes:  Cleaning my golf bag

The most talented player I have ever played with/against was:  Stewart Cink

My hometown is famous for:  photo speed cameras

The most famous person to ever attend my high school was:  John McCain

The biggest celebrity I ever met in person was:  Michael Jordan

The part of my game I need to improve is:  long irons

The most impressive thing about Coach Heppler is:  his work ethic

I can do a really good impression of:  Adam Cohan’s post-meal walk

We will have a great season in 2009 if:  our team wedges the ball close


Name your teammate that best fits this description:

Fastest:  Taylor Hall

Strongest:  John-Tyler Griffin

Best dresser:  Cameron Tringale

Best singer:  John-Tyler Griffin

Best dancer:  Taylor Hall

Best at video games:  Paul Haley

Toughest:  Taylor Hall

Dirtiest:  Paul Haley

Leader:  Cameron Tringale

Eats the most:  Adam Cohan

Athletic:  Adam Cohan

Funniest:  Taylor Hall

Best at talking to girls:  Cameron Tringale

I wouldn’t want to fight this guy:  Ming Wang

Talks about his high school days the most:  Chesson Hadley



Ten Minutes With David Dragoo
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