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Need help? Our virtual assistant can help you download, transfer and sell your ticket(s).

What is changing?

  • All tickets and parking for Football, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Baseball and Volleyball will be distributed in the form of contactless tickets via mobile delivery.
  • There will be no physical ticket books or laminated season ticket credentials for season ticket holders.
  • Print at Home (PDF) tickets will no longer be available.
  • Season ticket holders will be able to manage their tickets at beginning with the 2020 football season. Notice will be sent out when the tickets are available in season ticket member accounts. Fans can also access their tickets through “My Ticket Account” in the new Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets App.

Tutorial Video

Step 1: 

You will receive an email and/or text message with a link to access your digital tickets and parking passes. It is highly encouraged that you save your tickets to your Apple or G Pay wallet as soon as you receive the link. This will ensure they are in safe keeping and easy to retrieve on game day for quick entry at the gate.  Tickets can also be managed at or via the new Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets App.

Step 2: 

To save your tickets to your digital wallet, simply tap each link from your mobile phone and follow the prompts. A page will appear display prompting you to add your tickets to your wallet. Tap the “Add to Apple Wallet” or “Save to G Pay” button depending on what type of phone you have.

Step 3: 

On the next screen, tap “Next” in the top right corner of the screen. You must complete this step to ensure your ticket is activated and ready to scan at the game. We recommend doing this well in advance of the game to ensure you do not encounter any issues at the gate.

Step 4: 

One the next screen, click “Done” to complete the process. Your ticket is then added to your wallet. You will see your ticket when you open your wallet. The “hold near reader” symbol you see at the bottom of your ticket indicates that the ticket is activated and ready to scan when you arrive at the game.

What is mobile delivery?

Mobile delivery of contactless tickets provides you with maximum flexibility by putting your tickets and parking passes (if applicable) into the palm of your hand via delivery directly to your smartphone (iPhone or Android required). Simply present the ticket on your smartphone at the venue gate for entry, or use one of our many self-service kiosks at the gate to expedite entry and reduce contact with others.


What are contactless tickets?

Contactless tickets allow for entry to a venue via the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Simply put, this means that you will not have to touch a ticket to present it to a gate agent or share it with a friend.  Contactless Tickets are digital tickets that you add to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay app. They are similar to traditional event tickets, but they are easier to use and more secure. Contactless Tickets communicates with a scanner wirelessly by holding your phone close to a ticket scanner similar to how your phone makes an Apple or Google Pay payment.  


Why is Georgia Tech switching to mobile-only contactless ticketing and how does it benefit me? 

Mobile contactless ticketing and the addition of self-service scanning kiosks will allow for a safer gate entry with contactless scanning capabilities on iPhone and Android devices. Furthermore, transfer tickets to friends and family through mobile devices, eliminating the physical exchange of tickets..

Traditional timelines for the upcoming football season have been affected by the uncertainties brought about by COVID-19.The leeway required to print physical tickets has been drastically shortened.  The use of digital tickets will provide the flexibility needed to delivery tickets quickly once the schedule for the season is confirmed.   Digital tickets also allow for real-time changes to event dates and times to be reflected immediately via live updates on the tickets in a customer’s digital wallet.

The streamlining of the gate entry procedure with the goal of getting fans into the game quicker and easier than ever before.  Mobile tickets also allow guests to manage tickets from their mobile phone with their online account manager at That includes the seamless transfer, exchange or resell of tickets and parking quicker and more securely than ever before.

Ease of Use, Peace of Mind
Instant, easy access to your tickets through your online account manager, you always have your tickets on you.  This eliminates keeping track of hard tickets and reduces the risk of them being lost, stolen or left at home as you head out to the game. You may download, transfer, exchange or resell your tickets at any time. Mobile tickets also significantly reduce frequent issues associated with paper tickets including lost or stolen ticket, shipping delays, forgotten tickets, or counterfeit tickets.

Fiscal Responsibility
The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the global economy, and Georgia Tech Athletics is not immune. To continue to provide a championship-level environment for our student-athletes the elimination of cost associated with physical ticket production will allow for funds to be utilized in a manner that positively impacts our student-athlete experience.

Mobile tickets are environmentally friendly as the need to print, staple, and bind books together is no longer necessary.


Can I still print my tickets from home?

Ticket option will no longer include the ability to print from home. The tickets delivered for presentation on a smartphone are optimized for the mobile device.  Printing them out will result in a QR code that is too large to scan when you arrive at the game.


How do I manage my tickets online?

You can access your tickets at Account management features have been enhanced this season to upgrade the user experience and provide more intuitive self-service features than past versions of the platform.  You will be able to use your mobile device to view upcoming events, download tickets to your digital wallet, post your tickets for resale on StubHub, and transfer tickets to multiple recipients via text message.


When will my tickets be available to access via my online account?

Tickets will not be viewable on your account until closer to the start of the football season. A formal announcement will be sent to season ticket holders with the exact date and time their tickets will be available online.


How do I access my tickets?

Once the tickets are available in your account, simply login at Once logged in, you will find all of your active tickets for the season. From there, you can download tickets to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay or transfer tickets to a friend.


How will parking work?

New this season, parking will be mobile-only. Download your parking pass to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay before arriving at your parking lot. Present the parking pass on your phone through your closed window, at entry and the parking attendant will scan. Please do not screen shot or duplicate any parking passes or tickets, barcodes that show as a duplicate scan will be prohibited from entering into the lot.  Parking is transferable from patron to patron through your account manager at  Note:  Parking transfers cut off 12 hours prior to the game.


What if my guest(s) and I are arriving at the venue at different times?

If arriving separately, you can transfer a ticket or parking pass to each member of your party. This will allow you and your guest(s) to arrive at your own convenience. Via your account manager at, select the tickets you wish to transfer and enter the recipient’s cell phone number.They will receive a text message instructing them to accept their tickets. They will need to log into their existing GT ticketing account or simply create an account to accept their tickets. Once your guest(s) have accepted the transfer, they will be able to add the tickets to Apple Wallet or Google Pay.


Can I transfer my tickets more than one time?

Tickets can be transferred only one time. You do have the option to cancel a transfer before the transfer is completed.


What if I don’t have Wi-Fi connectivity on game day?

Don’t worry! Before arriving at the game, download your tickets to Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Once the tickets are downloaded, connectivity or Wi-Fi is not required to access your tickets and/or parking.If you did not download your tickets in advance, come see us at the ticket office for assistance.


Can I have multiple tickets on the same mobile device?

You can view all of your tickets by swiping left or right on your smartphone. We highly encourage that you transfer a ticket and/or parking pass to each member of your party to allow for the easiest entry and access throughout the venue.


Can digital tickets be downloaded onto a desktop computer?

A barcode transferred to paper is not accepted at the gate. Mobile tickets on a mobile device are the only acceptable tickets at the gate.


What are the device and software requirements for mobile-only entrance?

Digital tickets can only be used on devices with the Apple Wallet or Google Pay apps installed. For the best experience on an iPhone, we recommend that you update to the latest version of iOS. Apple Pay is supported on the iOS 8.1 (and higher) on the iPhone 6 or higher. Google Pay is supported on devices using Android 5.0 (and higher). Many popular Android phones support Google Pay, including Samsung Galaxy (S6 Edge or higher), LG (Q8, Q7, G7 ThinQ, V35 ThinQ) and Google Pixel (Pixel 1 or higher).


What if I don’t have a smart phone or my battery dies on game day?

For issues in advance of game day, please contact your account representative or the ticket office (888-TECHTIX or and we will assist in troubleshooting the issue. On game days, please visit the venue ticket office and present a valid form of photo ID with the name associated on the ticket account and the ticket office can reprint your tickets.

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