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Chesson Hadley's Palmer Cup Journal No. 3

July 1, 2008

Georgia Tech’s Chesson Hadley won his singles match on the final day, but lost his foursomes match in the morning to finish 2-2 at the Palmer Cup. He went 2-0 in singles, 0-2 with a partner in the annual event pitting collegiate golfers from the United State against Europe.

But Europe capped an impressive second-day performance winning three and halving three singles matches to reclaim the Palmer Cup presented by Monster at Glasgow Golf Club Gailes Links, 14-10. Europe swept the morning foursomes matches to win 8.5 of the days 12 points. The United States still holds 6-5-1 advantage in the Palmer Cup series but has lost three straight in Europe.

Hadley, a junior from Raleigh, N.C., won the American’s first match of the day with a 1-up victory over Gareth Shaw. Hadley won the first hole with birdie and would hold the lead until conceding the fifth. The two players traded wins – Hadley at No. 6 and Shaw at the seventh – on the next two holes. Hadley rattled off three-straight birdie victories starting at No. 10. Shaw battled back with wins at the 14th and 15th but was unable to completely close the deficit.

Following is Hadley’s third and final journal from the Palmer Cup.

“Yesterday was a ton of fun. We had the alternate shot foursomes in the morning, which started off well but ended terribly. We had them 2-down early but relinquished the lead throughout the rest of the round. We ended up loosing 1-down, but it was still a lot of fun playing with Derek. The afternoon singles went well. I played awesome as the weather turned for the worse and was able to win 1-up. When the weather went south, I started to heat up. I birdied 10, 11, and 12 in torrential rain and winds. The putter was hot yesterday, ladies and gentlemen. My regards go out to Gary Pearce for sending me such a great piece of equipment. Man do I love that putter. I scored the first point for team USA yesterday, but nobody played well so we ended up losing. Losing stinks. It is not a good feeling to watch those guys hold that trophy during the closing ceremony.

“The ceremony was a, closing ceremony; a lot of people to thank and a lot of clapping. We had to get all dressed up in our garb, which I always enjoy, but it was awful having to watch those guys hold up our trophy. Next year we will not lose.

“I am currently en route to Philadelphia where I will catch my connector to RDU. This flight is miserable. I have two kids sitting behind me kicking my seat constantly and they are loud and obnoxious. I guess I am getting a dose of my own medicine, because I am sure most people consider me loud and obnoxious. But those people know deep down that they love me. I pretty much have been listening to music for the past five hours and trying to sleep but am unable to because of the chaos going on behind me. I will do some summer school homework in the Philly airport because they have free wireless. I am really looking forward to getting home because of:

1. My girl friend. I miss her. 2. Good food (Bojangles and sweet tea) 3. My bed 4. Guitar hero 3 5. My friends 6. My 21st birthday a week from today

“Those are the ones off the top of my head. I hope you guys have enjoyed my posting during my experience over in Scotland. I tried to make it as Chesson as possible, and for those of you who know me can attest to that. I miss everyone back in ATL, and I am looking forward to getting back down there this fall and reuniting with all you guys; especially all the swimmers. I would like to give one shout out though. I met him last year, and we just hit is off. We both are unreasonable with our beliefs, which is one of the reasons we get along so well. This one is for you SAMMY B! You are the man.

“Can you tell that I am bored on this plane right now? I wrote a book for you guys this time. Anyways, I am out. PEACE!


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