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@GTMBB Senior Spotlight: Nick Jacobs

March 2, 2016

By Jack Shields

– One of four transfers on the Georgia Tech roster who have come home to Atlanta after beginning their careers elsewhere, Nick Jacobs is flourishing as a fifth-year senior for the Yellow Jackets, averaging double-digit points and posting 16 double-digit games this season. He is on the verge of reaching 1,000 career points and has more than 500 career rebounds. Jacobs attended Alabama for three years after starring at South Atlanta High School.

After playing your first three seasons at Alabama, what is the biggest difference you’ve noticed between SEC and ACC competition?
“The competition and the teams we play. The ACC has more highly-ranked teams, and I feel like you play great teams every night. That’s one of the things that I didn’t have in the SEC. When I played there, it was always Kentucky and Florida, and for two years Mississippi State was pretty good. So far, I’m adjusting pretty well to the ACC.”

What NBA player, or players, do you model your game after, and why?
“One guy I’ve been trying to model my game after since I started playing is Zach Randolph. He’s a lefty and about 6-9. He can’t jump over a phone book – I’m more athletic than him by far. But whenever I get into my go-to moves like my left hook, I’m barely jumping. So I model my game after Zach.”

Did returning to your hometown play a role in your decision to transfer to Tech?
“Definitely, because my whole issue when I was at Alabama was my family couldn’t really come out. I’ve had a girlfriend for 3-4 years, as well, and she played a role also. I met her at Alabama and I didn’t want to leave her, but she was also from Atlanta so it was perfect. I always wanted to go to Tech, but in high school I wanted to get away from Atlanta. But on the day I left I knew exactly where I wanted to go.”

What is some of the best advice Coach Gregory has given you this season?
“Positive thinking. Always have positive thinking. Put in work, but overall have positive thinking, because that can dictate how practice goes and how life goes. Also how you can handle things as a father, friend, coach or mentor throughout life.”

What’s your favorite thing to eat in the cafeteria at the Edge Center?
“Although I’m trying to maintain my weight, on days when they have the chili-cheese slaw dogs – that’s by far the best I’ve had. Some days they’ll have fish, but my favorite is the slaw dogs.”


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