Tech Volleyball's Postcards from Europe - #7

June 7, 2007

by Ulrike Stegemann Today was our last day in Germany. After an early breakfast we drove to my hometown, Greifswald. We were met by my parents and oldest sister and they proceeded to take us to the lovely fishermen village named Wieck. It is right on the River Ryck which flows into the Baltic Sea by the restaurant where we ate.

Then, after a great lunch, we visited my house were my mom treated us to German chocolate. All of my teammates love Kinder, which is a type of milk chocolate. After visiting my house, we went into the city where everyone could load up on more souvenirs to take home and shop at our favorite store, H&M, one last time.

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Around 6:00pm, I had to say goodbye to the team as they left to go to back to Berlin. I will stay at home with my family for the summer. I am really glad that my teammates were able to see my hometown and meet my family.

I can’t believe the trip is already over. We had a wonderful time visiting some of the greatest cities in Europe. Besides seeing Heidelberg, which is the most beautiful city in Germany, we visited Prague and Salzburg as well as some lesser known towns like Chemnitz.

It was especially great for me to compete against some German players that I used to play with when I was younger as well as coaches that taught me volleyball and made me the player and the person I was when I came to Tech. It was a great for all of us to experience a different culture and to play against teams with a different style of volleyball. We will always remember this trip as a very unique experience and we want to thank everyone that has made this trip possible for us!


Tech Volleyball’s Postcards from Europe – #7
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Tech Volleyball’s Postcards from Europe – #7
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