Postgame Quotes: Clemson 55, Georgia Tech 31

Nov. 15, 2013

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Georgia Tech Head Coach Paul Johnson

Opening comments
“Well, the bottom line is we got our tails beat today. They beat us in all the phases of the game and we got off to a terrible start offensively in the first quarter. We started the game off kicking the ball out of bounds, and they go down and get three points just like that. The first quarter went downhill from there. You have to give Clemson credit because every time we would score they would go down and score immediately after. They have got a good football team and we would have had to play much better than we did tonight to win the ball game, but we didn’t do it. We now have to go back and try and clean it up and get ready for the last two games.”

On giving up the big play
“You have to be able to play the deep ball. What did they throw, one deep ball that wasn’t a catch? We were in position to make a play and we just did not make the play.”

On progress of the defense
“We obviously didn’t play very well tonight. You guys want to make our defense the Green Bay Packers one week and the next week you want to say they stink. It is a process to get better and it’s like you redefine our defense every week. We didn’t make very many plays tonight. If we make two or three plays on the deep balls then we have a chance, but you have to give their kids credit. They made plays, their quarterback threw the ball, and their kids caught it.”

On the play of Robert Godhigh
“He had a great game and played very well. He made a lot of big plays and fought and played hard. He was one of the reasons we were in the game for as long as we were.”

On the play of Vad Lee
“In all, I thought he did some good things. He made some plays for us. It was never really clean on the edge, but he made a nice play on the pitch to Robby (Robert Godhigh) for a long touchdown over near our sideline. He threw some nice balls and he converted a couple third downs scrambling. So overall he made some good plays.”


Postgame Quotes: Clemson 55, Georgia Tech 31
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Postgame Quotes: Clemson 55, Georgia Tech 31
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