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Meet the Georgia Tech Women's Basketball Freshmen - Part II

Oct. 8, 2008

For the second straight season, the Georgia Tech women’s basketball team has welcomed a top-10 nationally ranked freshmen class to campus. The freshmen enjoyed a summer of classes, working out and getting acclimated into the Yellow Jacket lifestyle. LaQuananisha Adams, Mo Bennett, Sasha Goodlett, Chelsea Regins and Metra Walthour sat down and answered a few questions about their first three months at Tech.

What are your thoughts on playing in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)?

Adams: “I know that the ACC is the best conference to play in so I feel that this is a big opportunity for me to have the chance to play at such a high level.”

Walthour: “I am excited to be a part of a team in the ACC. It’s one of the toughest conferences in the nation and I am ready to witness the excitement of playing against some of the best competition.”

Goodlett: “Playing in the ACC will be great but challenging at the same time. The ACC is such a powerful conference, so if you can make it in the ACC you make it anywhere.”

Bennett: “Honestly, it’s almost like a dream come true! Ever since I realized I might have a chance to play college ball, I knew I wanted to play in a conference like the ACC, so to have this opportunity to do so is a really big honor. I know its going to be tough, but with the coaches and teammates I have, I’m excited and ready for it.”

Regins: “The ACC is most definitely a tough conference; every game is going to be a challenge. You never know who might show up to play, from the highest seed to the lowest. So my thoughts are to play every game like my last and be READY whenever it might be that I’m called on.”

What was it like putting on your Georgia Tech uniform for the first time on photo day?

Adams: “It felt really good putting on the uniform because I really felt as though I was a part of the team and that all my hard work had paid off.”

Bennett: “It felt amazing. All I kept thinking to myself was, “Man, I really made it this far. I’m really on this team!” 

Walthour: “It was very exciting putting on the uniform for the first time. I remember all the freshmen laughing together and feeling like we were officially a part of the team.”

Goodlett: “It felt good to put on my Georgia Tech uniform for the first time because it meant that I am really playing out my dream.”

Regins: “Putting on my Georgia Tech uniform for the first time helped me establish a form of respect for those players that came before me that made women’s basketball at Tech possible. They have paved the way for me and those to come.”

What is your major and dream job?

Adams: “My major is Science Technology and Culture (STAC) – Pre-Med. My dream job is to be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.”

Bennett: “My major is Science, Technology, and Culture. I would really like to become an athletic trainer at a university, that way I can remain around sports even when I’m done playing. Then there’s always the possibility of coaching.” 

Regins: “My major as of now is undecided. I’m not sure what the future may bring but I assure you whatever I decide as a major will be something I love to do. As far as a dream job, I’ve always wanted to be a firefighter. I guess I like the heat of the moment feeling, the sense of knowing that any day on the job can be my last.”

Walthour: “I am an industrial engineering major and my dream job is to be head engineer at a prestigious company.”

Goodlett: “I am still undecided about my major but my dream job is to further my basketball career and play overseas and then retire and probably become a high school teacher so I can impact someone’s life while they are young.”

What impresses you most about Coach Joseph and her staff?

Adams: “The most impressive thing about Coach Joseph and her staff is that they all work together well and they all do whatever they can for us in every way possible.”

Regins: “What impresses me most about coach Joseph and her staff is their desire and drive for the game and their will to want only the best for us as a team and as individuals.”

Bennett: “The intensity and energy they bring everyday. But not only that, just the simple fact that they care more about us as people than just as players to win them games.”

Walthour: “The intensity level at all times impresses me most about Coach Joseph and her staff.”

Goodlett: “The thing that impresses me most about Coach Joseph and her staff is how hard they are on me and how they bring out the best in you but also how supportive they are at on and off the court.”

Where is Georgia Tech women’s basketball going to be in four seasons?

Adams: “Georgia Tech women’s basketball is going to be ranked in the Top 5 and we also will have won the ACC Championship!!!”

Bennett: “Of course we’ll consistently be ranked in the Top 25 polls! Not to mention, we’ll be the team that everyone will be scared to even think about having on their schedule.”

Regins: “Hopefully you will see us on the TV holding that National Championship trophy!”

Walthour: “Georgia Tech women’s basketball will be a final four team in four seasons or less.”

Goodlett: “We are going to be great and everybody is going to realize what a threat we really are.”

What was your feeling when you first walked into the Alexander Memorial Coliseum as a Yellow Jacket?

Adams: “The first time I walked in to the AMC I felt like this is where I belong because I can just picture myself playing in the arena in front of all of the Georgia Tech women’s basketball fans.”

Bennett: “That this is the new place of business for winning championships.”

Walthour: “I felt a little overwhelmed and that I was living a dream when I first walked into Alexander Memorial Coliseum as a Yellow Jacket.” 

Regins: “The feeling was one that is honestly indescribable; I felt a sense of responsibility. I knew for a fact that I was going to have to live up to the hype and prove to everybody that catching the buzz is just that sweet.”

Goodlett: “I feel proud of myself because I’m doing what most girls wish they could do and that is play for a top program and get a great degree.”

What made you come and play basketball at Georgia Tech?

Adams: “I chose Georgia Tech because of the top ten academics and also because the team is very family oriented and I also knew that Coach Joseph would always be there for me.”

Bennett: “The coaching staff first and foremost, but also the opportunity to play with some of the best people, not just players, in the nation. I also wanted the opportunity to help take Georgia Tech all the way to the TOP!!”

Walthour: “The family atmosphere and the feeling that I would be well taken care of both academically and athletically made me want to come play basketball at Georgia Tech.”

Goodlett: “I chose Georgia Tech because of the academics, the team and Coach Joseph!”

Regins: “I came to Georgia tech because academics are first. Here at Tech they take pride in student first, athlete second and that’s all that matters at the end of the day. But don’t get me wrong I came to Tech to play basketball because I was comfortable and I truly feel that Tech is one of programs in the ACC that is growing an will soon be something great.”


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