@GTWBB Trains with the Marines

June 23, 2015

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THE FLATS – The Georgia Tech women’s basketball team switched up summer workouts Tuesday morning, this time training with members of the Marines.

Check out the photo gallery of the exercises here.

The Yellow Jackets were joined by seven local members of the Marines and went through various workouts and drills and participated in a leadership presentation.

The Jackets met at the track on campus at 5:45 a.m. and following their stretch, ran 880 yards with the Marines. Following the run was ammo can lifts, where each Jacket had to lift a 40-pound ammo can up over their head as many times as they could for two minutes.

The team then participated in the maneuver under fire, where they had to crawl on the ground, sprint, carry their partner on their back, and run with the ammo cans.

After everyone had participated in the maneuver under fire, the Marines went through a leadership presentation with the Yellow Jackets.



@GTWBB Trains with the Marines
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@GTWBB Trains with the Marines
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