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Georgia Tech vs. Georgetown Postgame Quotes

March 20, 2012

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Georgia Tech Head Coach MaChelle Joseph
Opening Statement:
“Well first of all I’m just thrilled to death for my players and for the people at Georgia Tech. It’s a long time, way overdue, for Georgia Tech being in the Sweet 16 and for us to make history with this group of people. I’m very blessed to be surrounded by players that are committed to excellence, both on the floor, and off the floor. I have five seniors, all five of them are going to graduate this spring. All five of them have taken this program where it’s never been before. I’m just really, really happy for them. They deserve this. They’ve worked extremely hard and one of the things we talked about in the locker room before the game is that we’ve put a lot in our bank. We had a lot stored up and we paid the price to be successful and that’s why today we won out there. We were able to take away from that bank account, we had a lot stored up and we had a lot to give.”

On recruiting this senior class:
“Well, I knew it was special. It was ranked fifth in the country and I knew it was an impact class. And to have a point, a wing and a post, and to have some size for the first time because we were six foot and under team for our first two NCAA tournaments … when we got this class, when we got Sasha (Goodlett), Nisha (LaQuananisha Adams) and Chelsea (Regins), we got a lot of size inside. I knew we had an opportunity to be special.”

Freshman guard Sydney Wallace
On playing well in the tournament:
“I just came out here with confidence. I just knew I had to step up for my senior leaders and just play my role.”

Senior center Sasha Goodlett
On making it to the Sweet 16:
“It just feels great for the simple fact that coming in, ever since we came in, we wanted to do something special, we wanted to leave our mark on this program. We came in thinking we have to make it to the Sweet 16, we have to take this program somewhere it’s never been. We don’t have any excuses, we have nine upperclassmen, we’re the senior class, we’re not going to let this program drop. And instead of dropping, we wanted to elevate it and take it a step further. So I feel like tonight the reason why we’re celebrating is the fact that we had accomplished that. But we’re not going to sit here and be just happy for it. I mean, yes, we’re going to celebrate. We’re going to be happy for the moment but tomorrow is a new day and then we’re going to get ready to go.

Senior guard Metra Walthour
On making it to the Sweet 16:
“Well we know we’ve never been to the Sweet 16 before so we wanted to celebrate but this is not as far as we want to go. We’re here to play, we’re confident and we know we’re not done yet. It’s very special. Like I said we’ve never been here before but we set goals for ourselves, high goals for ourselves all year and we’ve worked hard and it’s great knowing that we finally got here. “

Georetown Head Coach Terri Williams-Flournoy
Opening Statement:
“That was a well fought, hard, tough game for our young ladies. I thought they showed great character and continued to fight and that’s what we’ve done all year.”

On the graduating seniors:
“I think my seniors are being a little bit hard on themselves, but that’s how they are when they lose, they’re not going to pat each other on the back, they’re not going to give each other a whole lot of credit because it was a loss. I’m getting emotional here because these are my seven seniors, and my seven seniors came in here and they turned this program around. They gave everything that they had to this program. Our seven seniors are very special, and for our seven seniors to have won 20-plus games for the four years that they have been here has truly been amazing. I’m very sad to see these seven seniors go, but one thing’s for sure: they know that what they’ve don’t fore this program will never be touched, by any other group that comes in here, because they put Georgetown on the map right away.”

Senior guard Rubylee Wright
On her four years at Georgetown:
“I felt good coming into a program that wasn’t established. I feel honored to have been a part of it. I know Georgetown has many years to come of greatness and I’m just grateful to be here.”

Senior forward Tia Magee
On her four years at Georgetown:
“Just like the other seniors, we all came here to make our own name, to make our own legend, to start our own program. Before we got here, nobody knew about Georgetown, nobody took us seriously and from our freshman year all the way to now we just got better and better and now people know who Georgetown is. We have the target on our back. It sucks to lose, but the season did have to end. I’m crying because I’m sad that it’s over, but at the same time, my four years were amazing, and I wouldn’t change anything about it. It was tough, nothing about it was easy. We lost games we shouldn’t have lost but we upset a lot of people. We made a lot of noise. Over our four years, it was amazing.”

On the pace of the game:
“We had the right pace going. Just at the wrong times we took the play off. Number 23 did a great job, and they shot crazy good today. They just hit shots at the most crucial times. Every time we shot to fight back and throw a punch back, we just couldn’t get it going.


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