Georgia Tech vs. Clemson Post-Game Quotes

May 27, 2004

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Georgia Tech Head Coach Danny Hall
Opening Statement:

“Well it was an incredible baseball game; I think emotions on both sides were very high. I told Micah (Owings) that he did a great job after being down 3-0 of pitching unbelievable the rest of the way. I totally trusted him in the ninth inning, I knew he was tired and his pitch count was higher then I wanted it to be at that point in the game. But I would do it all over again and trust him in that situation. 99 times out of 100 he is going to get the other team out. We had tremendous defensive plays and Clifton made two outstanding defensive catches out in right field. Boggs made two great plays in center but in the end we prevailed and found a way to get the hits when we needed them. I can’t say enough about our bullpen, we were really trying to match some right, left match-ups there in the later innings after Micah got knocked out and those guys were just tremendous. It was just a great college baseball game and I don’t know what it is about Salem but we like to play a lot of innings on this field. I am very proud of my team and excited about the victory.”

On the final out of the game and the reaction of Boggs in center after he made the catch:
“I thought he caught it. I saw the umpire make the out call, so I turned a way and congratulated everyone in the dugout. Then I saw that Brandon was down, but Clifton was right there on the play.”

On the speed of Eric Patterson and the impact he has on a game:
“Patterson can totally change the game. When he gets on base it is very rare that he is going to get thrown out although he got picked off today. He totally takes the pitchers focus away from the hitters and he gets the attention of the catchers which draws the opposing catcher’s attention away from our hitters as well. He can change the game like no one else I have ever coached.”

Micah Owings, Pitcher/Designated Hitter
On his chances at the plate to win the ball game:

“I was just thrilled to be able to have the chance to do it, disappointed that I wasn’t able to get it done. But I am just thrilled that everyone else played a huge roll in helping us get this win.”

On having enough gas to get through the ninth inning: “I knew I definitely had it in me.”

Clifton Remole, Right fielder
On the final out of the game and the reaction of Boggs in center after he made the catch:
“He definitely caught it. I kept yelling to him that he had plenty of room the whole time, yelling to him that he was going to make the catch. He jumped up, apparently hit his head against the wall, he just made a tremendous play.”

Clemson Head Coach Jack Leggett
Opening Statement

“Obviously this was a very tough game to lose. We had some great moments in the game and had to come back in the ninth to tie it up. We had opportunities four times in extra innings, but couldn’t quite finish it off. We will have to see what we are made of tomorrow morning. We have to fight our way all the way back into this tournament.

“There were just little things here and there that come back to haunt you as you replay the game in your mind. We had some opportunities but we just didn’t quite get it done.”

What sticks out in your mind about what didn’t go right?
“The sixth, seventh and eighth innings were ones where we didn’t pitch particularly well. The lead-off man got on and we walked some guys. Stephen (Jackson) came in and did a real nice job to get us out of that inning with a double play. Unfortunately their kid (Trapani) hit a home run in the next inning, but he pitched well. (Jeff) Hahn came in and did a good job at the end of one inning. We played well for the most part offensively. We had four opportunities, but we just could not finish the whole thing. Patrick (Hogan) came in and did a tremendous job, much more than we wanted to ask him to do. He kept battling and battling and put us in a position to win. I just feel bad that we could not finish it off for him. He really pitched well for us.”

What does a game like this do your pitching plans for the remainder of the tournament?
“There is no edge in being in the losers’ bracket. Tyler (Lumsden) will have to step up tomorrow and pitch like he is capable of. Someone will have to step up in the night game and allow us to battle our way back into this tournament. We have good pitching depth, we just need to get into it. We need to help by swinging the bats and playing good defense. If we do I think this team is feeling confident enough that we can beat anybody. We have a challenge ahead of us, but this team will be up to the challenge.”

Clemson Third Baseman Brad McCann
On Throwing Error in Top of 13th Inning
“We were playing for the double play. It was a slow chopper and I came in. I thought about going home, but (Eric) Patterson is a fast runner. I knew I didn’t have a play there. I tried to force it to first and threw it over his head.”

Clemson Relief Pitcher Patrick Hogan
On Eric Patterson reaching base to lead off the 13th inning
“Obviously with his speed anytime he gets on first he has the chance to make it a double. I felt I made a pretty good pitch, but he got it off the end of the bat.”


Georgia Tech vs. Clemson Post-Game Quotes
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