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Georgia Tech Baseball in the Major League Baseball Draft

Georgia Tech Baseball In The Major League Baseball Draft

Total number of players drafted while at Georgia Tech: 178
Total draft selections in Georgia Tech history: 207
High school draftees that attended Georgia Tech:

Yellow Jackets Drafted By Round out of Georgia Tech:
First Round: 10
Supplemental First Round: 7
Second Round: 6
Rounds 3-5: 37
Rounds 6-10: 30
Rounds 11-20: 59
Rounds 21-70: 58

All-Time Georgia Tech Draft Selections

* Supplemental first-round (sandwich) pick
+ Drafted from high school/junior college but enrolled at Tech
++ Drafted from high school and enrolled in junior college before attending Georgia Tech
# Drafted from Georgia Tech but returned
! January phase of draft

Name, Pos.Year DraftedTeamRound
Jon Anderson, c1988California Angels+44
1989California Angels#48
Wade Bailey, 2b2018Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim33
Kyle Bakker, lhp2000Philadelphia Phillies+37
2003Atlanta Braves20
Luke Bard, rhp2009Boston Red Sox+16
2012Minnesota Twins*1
Tucker Barr, c1993Oakland Athletics+3
1996Houston Astros5
Joey Bart, c2015Tampa Bay Rays+27
2018San Francisco Giants1
Jason Basil, c1997Cleveland Indians+32
2001Oakland Athletics15
Jerry Bass, rhp1977Los Angeles Dodgers14
Brett Binkley, lhp1993Los Angeles Dodgers14
Charlie Blackmon, of2004Florida Marlins++28
2005Boston Red Sox+20
2008Colorado Rockies2
Steven Blackwood, of2005St. Louis Cardinals#26
W.J. Blane, 1b1967Baltimore Orioles36
Brandon Boggs, of2001New York Yankees+50
2004Texas Rangers4
Frank Bolick, 3b1985Montreal Expos+23
1987Milwaukee Brewers9
Kenny Bonifay, 1b1991Pittsburgh Pirates49
Jed Bradley, lhp2011Milwaukee Brewers1
Darren Bragg, of1991Seattle Mariners22
Kevin Brown, rhp1986Texas Rangers1
Andy Bruce, 3b1990Oakland Athletics#8
1991St. Louis Cardinals4
Brian Burks, rhp2004San Diego Padres25
Eddie Burns, lhp2007Atlanta Braves#16
2008Cleveland Indians39
Chase Burnette, of2010Cleveland Indians18
Scott Byers, 1b1996California Angels21
Anthony Byrd, of1992Minnesota Twins11
Kevin Cameron, rhp1998Chicago White Sox+42
2001Minnesota Twins13
Randy Carroll, 2b1965Chicago White Sox18
1966Cleveland Indians6
Sam Clay, lhp2014Minnesota Twins4
Brent Colson, lhp1992Los Angeles Dodgers11
Wally Crancer, of2007Baltimore Orioles12
Trevor Craport, 3b2017Baltimore Orioles11
Doug Creek, lhp1990California Angels#5
1991St. Louis Cardinals7
Butch Crook, lhp1966Houston Astros2
Chuck Crowder, lhp1995Detroit Tigers+3
1998Pittsburgh Pirates#8
1999Colorado Rockies4
Brandon Cumpton, rhp2010Pittsburgh Pirates9
Xzavion Curry, rhp2019Cleveland Indians7
Jake Davies, 1b2012Boston Red Sox21
John Davis, rhp1990San Francisco Giants19
Derek Dietrich, ss2007Houston Astros+3
2010Tampa Bay Rays2
Jeff Distasio, 1b1986San Francisco Giants32
Sam Dove, 3b2013Philadelphia Phillies14
Sam Drake, rhp1986Detroit Tigers+25
1989Milwaukee Brewers24
David Duncan, lhp2005Minnesota Twins+14
2007Washington Nationals#23
2008Houston Astros5
Geoff Duncan, rhp1996Florida Marlins69
Marty Durkin, 2b1987Milwaukee Brewers+40
1989Cleveland Indians38
David Elder, rhp1997Texas Rangers4
Tristin English, 1b/rhp2019Arizona Diamondbacks3
Scott Erwin, rhp1988Los Angeles Dodgers#8
1989Oakland Athletics5
Jacob Esch, rhp/ss2011Florida Marlins11
Zane Evans, c2013Kansas City Royals4
Buck Farmer, rhp2009Atlanta Braves+46
2012Milwaukee Brewers#15
2013Detroit Tigers5
Mark Fischer, of1997Boston Red Sox*1
Michael Fisher, ss2007Atlanta Braves6
Carlton Fleming, 2b1992New York Yankees7
Keith Fleming, rhp1986Milwaukee Brewers9
Nomar Garciaparra, ss1991Milwaukee Brewers+5
1994Boston Red Sox1
Pete Geist, of1985Los Angeles Dodgers3
Al Gogolin, rhp1994Oakland Athletics13
Brandon Gold, 3b2016Colorado Rockies12
Matt Gonzalez, 2b2012Oakland Athletics+11
2016Atlanta Braves6
Chris Goodman, rhp2002Florida Marlins#16
2003Kansas City Royals5
John Goodman, rhp2006St. Louis Cardinals#45
Matthew Gorst, rhp2016Boston Red Sox12
Steve Green, of1987Los Angeles Dodgers18
Tom Green, of1990Pittsburgh Pirates30
Tyler Greene, ss2002Atlanta Braves+2
2005St. Louis Cardinals1
Ty Griffin, 2b1985Baltimore Orioles+12
1988Chicago Cubs1
Matthew Grimes, rhp2010Chiacgo White Sox+4
2013Philadelphia Phillies#31
2014Baltimore Orioles18
Michael Guldberg, of2020Oakland Athletics3
Tim Gustafson, rhp2006Atlanta Braves9
Buck Hall, lhp1991Los Angeles Dodgers+32
1994Texas Rangers38
Jason Haniger, c2008Pittsburgh Pirates#19
Gary Hardie, ss1976Cleveland Indians+7
1979New York Mets5
Robb Hardy, p1997Boston Red Sox32
Andy Hawranick, c2005Chicago Cubs#48
Josh Heddinger, rhp2014Detroit Tigers14
Chris Hicks, rhp2005Texas Rangers+35
2008Houston Astros14
Wes Hodges, 3b2003Chicago White Sox+13
2006Cleveland Indians2
Heath Honeycutt, 3b1998Florida Marlins4
Jay Hood, ss1995Minnesota Twins+4
1998Anaheim Angels6
John Horn, lhp1985Chicago Cubs28
Mike Hostetler, rhp1988Atlanta Braves+14
1991Atlanta Braves21
Brian Howard, ss1981Seattle Mariners6
Jared Hyatt, rhp2007Texas Rangers33
Lee Hyde, lhp2006Atlanta Braves4
Mott Hyde, ss2010Toronto Blue Jays+44
2014Houston Astros26
Riccardo Ingram, of1987Detroit Tigers4
Dusty Isaacs, rhp2010Pittsburgh Pirates+50
2014Toronto Blue Jays18
Kevin Jacob, rhp2010New York Yankees#18
2011St. Louis Cardinals31
Reggie Johnson, 3b1992Los Angeles Dodgers14
Scott Jordan, of1984Boston Red Sox#16
1985Cleveland Indians4
Connor Justice, ss2016Anaheim Angels5
Steve Kelly, rhp1998Chicago White Sox+5
2001Cincinnati Reds4
Roger Kinard, lhp1987Atlanta Braves43
Jeff Kindel, of2006Colorado Rockies14
Bert Kizer, 1b1977New York Mets14
Andrew Kown, rhp2004Detroit Tigers5
Tim Ladd, lhp2007Atlanta Braves9
Adam Leggett, 2b1997Anaheim Angels14
Cole Leonida, C2010Washington Nationals6
Richard Lewis, 2b2001Atlanta Braves*1
Rick Lockwood, 3b1982Baltimore Orioles#7
1983Baltimore Orioles4
Anthony Maisano, 1b1990Seattle Mariners43
Kyle McCann, c2019Oakland A’s4
Walt McConnell, 3b1985Los Angeles Dodgers6
Deck McGuire, rhp2010Toronto Blue Jays1
Eric McQueen, c1995New York Mets+14
1999Colorado Rockies14
Victor Menocal, ss1998Atlanta Braves+6
2002Philadelphia Phillies15
Brandon Miller, c2008Boston Red Sox+33
Chris Morgan, of1983Kansas City Royals#34
1984Detroit Tigers11
A.J. Murray, of2011Houston Astros+48
2015Minnesota Twins14
Chase Murray2019Pittsburgh Pirates13
Luke Murton, 1b2007New York Yankees#40
2008Arizona Diamondbacks#33
2009New York Yankees19
Matt Murton, of2003Boston Red Sox*1
Jason Neighborgall, rhp2002Boston Red Sox+7
2005Arizona Diamondbacks3
Gary Newsom, 2b1982Los Angeles Dodgers14
Thomas Nichols, 3b2010Los Angeles Angels16
Mike Nickeas, c2004Texas Rangers5
Micah Owings, rhp2002Colorado Rockies+2
2004Chicago Cubs#19
Arden Pabst, C2016Pittsburgh Pirates12
Daniel Palka, 1b2010Philadelphia Phillies+19
2013Arizona Diamondbacks3
Tyler Parker, c1999New York Mets+6
2002St. Louis Cardinals8
Rhett Parrott, rhp1998Milwaukee Brewers+4
2001St. Louis Cardinals9
Eric Patterson, 2b2001Colorado Rockies+23
2004Chicago Cubs8
Danny Payne, of2007San Diego Padres*1
Jay Payton, of1994New York Mets*1
Jason Perry, of2002Toronto Blue Jays6
Philip Perry, rhp1999New York Mets+41
2002St. Louis Cardinals#48
Ryan Peurifoy, of2017Pittsburgh Pirates38
Marc Pisciotta, rhp1991Pittsburgh Pirates19
Tony Plagman, 1b2009New York Yankees#46
2010Detroit Tigers9
Jim Poole, lhp1987Los Angeles Dodgers#34
1988Los Angeles Dodgers9
Mark Pope, rhp2008Atlanta Braves+17
2011San Diego Padres5
Scott Prather, lhp1995California Angels+29
1998St. Louis Cardinals16
Bryan Prince, c2001Cincinnati Reds10
Clifton Remole, 1b2004Anaheim Angels11
Brad Rigby, rhp1991New York Yankees+17
1994Oakland Athletics2
Ryan Ritter, 2b1992Cleveland Indians+10
1995Milwaukee Brewers8
Whit Robbins, if2006Minnesota Twins4
Andrew Robinson, rhp2010Houston Astros12
Stu Rogers, lhp1983Texas Rangers32
Jeff Rowland, of2009Cleveland Indians#21
2010Detroit Tigers19
Brad Rulon, rhp2008New York Yankees34
Zac Ryan, rhp2017Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim23
Brian Sager, rhp1998Arizona Diamondbacks+13
2001Chicago White Sox13
Matt Saier, rhp1995Kansas City Royals15
Mike Schisler, rhp1973Milwaukee Brewers#21
1974Atlanta Braves3!
Todd Shiver, rhp1987Milwaukee Brewers19
Matt Skole, 3b2011Washington Nationals5
Jeremy Slayden, of2001San Diego Padres+20
2004Oakland Athletics#18
2005Philadelphia Phillies8
Michael Sorrow, 3b1996San Francisco Giants29
Daniel Spingola, of2014Chicago Cubs#24
2015Chicago Cubs31
John Stewart, lhp1986Atlanta Braves24
Brad Stockton, of2001Texas Rangers22
Mark Teixeira, 3b1998Boston Red Sox+9
2001Texas Rangers1
Rich Thieme, lhp1997Atlanta Braves17
Brandon Thomas, of2009Colorado Rockies+37
2012Pittsburgh Pirates#4
2013New York Yankees8
Connor Thomas, lhp2019St. Louis Cardinals5
J.J. Thomas, of1994Kansas City Royals+46
1997Houston Astros15
Tommy Thompson, 1b1981Kansas City Royals21
Ted Tomasovich, of1968San Diego Padres#17
1969Cincinnati Reds2!
Ryan Turner, lhp2007Texas Rangers45
Cory Vance, lhp1997Los Angeles Dodgers+11
2000Colorado Rockies4
Jason Varitek, c1990Houston Astros+23
1993Minnesota Twins#1
1994Seattle Mariners1
Zach Von Tersch, rhp2006Washington Nationals+38
2009New York Mets22
Luke Waddell, inf2019Arizona Diamondbacks32
Nick Wagner, rhp2004Tampa Bay Devil Rays28
Aaron Walker, lhp2004Tampa Bay Devil Rays30
Jeff Watchko, rhp2002Pittsburgh Pirates#18
2003Colorado Rockies24
K.G. White, of1988Los Angeles Dodgers39
Matt Wieters, c2007Baltimore Orioles1
Amos Willingham, rhp2019Washington Nationals17
Kris Wilson, rhp1994New York Mets+65
1997Kansas City Royals9
Joe Wise, rhp1989Chicago Cubs#37
1990St. Louis Cardinals26
Michael Wolff, of1992California Angels16
Blake Wood, rhp2006Kansas City Royals3
Kyle Wren, of2012Cincinnati Reds#30
2013Atlanta Braves8
Jase Wrigley, rhp1998Colorado Rockies18
L.J. Yankosky, rhp1993Minnesota Twins+18
1996Tampa Bay Devil Rays#54
1998Atlanta Braves11
Simon Young, lhp1996Florida Marlins+40
1999Cleveland Indians48

Drafted Before Attending Georgia Tech (Not Yet or Not Re-Drafted)

Name, PositionYearTeamRound
Robert Aaron, rhp1996Cleveland Indians+36
Luke Bartnicki, lhp2018Arizona Diamondbacks+29
Brad Busbin, rhp1998Houston Astros+3
Jon Crosby, rhp2002Arizona Diamondbacks+45
Stephe Donaghey, rhp1995Kansas City Royals+13
Curtis Dupart, of2006Colorado Rockies+31
Tristin English, rhp2015Cleveland Indians+39
Brian Fleury, c1986Houston Astros+21
Mike Fowler, 3b1985Los Angeles Dodgers+8!
Tres Gonzales, of2019Los Angeles Dodgers37
Kevin Guyette, rhp2001Seattle Mariners+41
Carter Hall, ss2015Atlanta Braves+34
Colin Hall, of2017Colorado Rockies+39
Jon Halverson, rhp1988Montreal Expos+58
Jonathan Hughes, rhp2015Baltimore Orioles+2
Jon Henry Kail, of1999Boston Red Sox+6
John Kohli, lhp1985Toronto Blue Jays+3!
1985Baltimore Orioles+3
Zach Maxwell2019New York Yankees30
Shane McGill, rhp1993Pittsburgh Pirates+6
Jeff Mons, c1983Cincinnati Reds+33
David Newhan, 2b1992Chicago Cubs+49
Cole Pitts, rhp2011Cleveland Indians+32
Baron Radcliff, of2017Atlanta Braves+40
2020Philadelphia Phillies5
Kyle Schmidt, rhp2001Baltimore Orioles+29
Oscar Serratos, ss2017Cleveland Indians+14
Charles Sheffield, of2011Oakland Athletics+49
DeAndre Smelter, rhp2010Minnesota Twins+14
Jackson Webb, ss2015Atlanta Braves+37


updated July 2020


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