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Georgia Tech NCAA Tournament Practice Day Quotes - March 17, 2012

March 21, 2012

Georgia Tech Head Coach MaChelle Joseph
Opening Statement:
“We’re obviously very excited to have this opportunity, not only to be in North Carolina in the middle of ACC country in a familiar arena that we’ve had some success in the last couple of years. When we saw our name come up and saw we were coming to Chapel Hill obviously we couldn’t have been happier with the draw. I feel like we’re playing some of our best basketball right now, going down the stretch. We had a nice run in the ACC Tournament. I really feel like Ty Marshall and Sasha Goodlett established themselves as two of the best players in the ACC in the tournament and I really feel like our team has found itself and understands our roles and what we need to do to be successful.”

On their comfort level in Chapel Hill:
“I do feel like my team earned this seed for our body of work. We did not play a home game the entire season. To have the most wins in the history of our program and to not play at home says a lot about this team and the strength and character of this team. At the same time, I never would have dreamed that this is where we would have been sent but we’re really happy to be here. I know I feel very comfortable here and it’s been great. We’ve been in the Midwest the last five years so to be here in the middle of ACC country and hopefully be able to pull in some of these ACC women’s basketball fans into the game because we are here, hopefully that’ll happen for us.”

On their play down the stretch:
“I definitely think we are [playing our best]. When Ty is playing at her best and she’s scoring for us, we’re a really hard team to beat. When Sasha is doing what Sasha does and our role players are stepping up, but when Ty is on her game offensively and we have two great scorers inside and outside we’re a very tough team to beat.”

Sophomore Guard Tyaunna Marshall
On her recent play:
“I just think playing for my teammates and just stepping up and being able to understand that my team needs me to score and I do whatever I can to help them win. I think I just stepped up into that role and kind of focused in and have been able to what I can to help my team.”

Senior Center Sasha Goodlett
On renovations of their home gym:
“When coach first told us that we weren’t going to have basically a home court, we just had to take it for what it was. We didn’t sit here and sulk over it, we weren’t mad about it, we weren’t bitter about it, we were just like, OK, us five seniors have the responsibility to make sure our team isn’t rattled by it. Our biggest thing is we didn’t want to use it as an excuse. We didn’t want people to say `they didn’t have a home court,’ we wanted people to be more impressed that we didn’t have one. We never looked at it as a problem. Playing on a neutral court every game has its perks at the end because now every time we go to a gym that’s unknown to us, we feel like we’re at home.”


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