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Dishing With Day-Day

Aug. 20, 2008

This season fans will have the opportunity to see first-hand what it it’s like to be a part of the women’s basketball program at Georgia Tech in a series of online journal entries at written by sophomore Shaday “Day-Day” Woolcock.

Check out Day-Day’s latest entry below:

August 20, 2008

Entry #12

What can I say? Summer went by extremely fast. It seems like just yesterday the team and I were traveling back to campus from the NCAA tournament. Now here I am starting fall semester classes already. Although summer did go by pretty fast, I really feel I made the best of it. Outside of working out and getting up plenty of shots, I was able to take a couple of extra classes, get in a lot of hours at my Marketing and Communications internship and I was also able to spend a lot of time with family and friends.

I had two different feelings waking up Monday morning getting ready for class. I thought to myself here I go again, having to wake up in the early morning for a long lecture, but at the same time I was kind of excited. The start of a new year meant new opportunities to learn and make better grades, sort of a fresh start and it also meant the beginning of a new season right around the corner.

It feels great to have one year under my belt. Now that I am a sophomore, I know exactly what to expect on and off the court and I also what is expected of me. My first year at Tech taught me so much and I feel my sophomore year is a year in which I have the opportunity to show just how much I have grown as a person, a student and an athlete.

My academic goals haven’t changed. I still would like to get through this semester making nothing but A’s and after one day of classes, I have already realized that this is something that will be pretty difficult, but it’s not impossible. I’m grateful that my schedule this year is a little less complicated. Although I have a couple of classes back to back, I’m into my major classes now so they are all in the same building and I don’t have to run to the other side of campus to be on time. I also have some pretty nice professors.

Although I miss my last year seniors dearly, I am extremely excited about this year’s team. We are very young with a total of ten freshman and sophomores so of course a lot of learning will take place, but we are also extremely talented. A lot of people ask me questions like, “What team do you think is going to be tough for you guys this year, or what team do you think would give you the most competition in your conference?” and honestly I answer by saying yes, there are some pretty competitive teams in the ACC, but I truly feel where I am going to have the most competition this year is everyday at practice. Going hard and pushing each other to get better is something Georgia Tech women’s basketball specializes in. We have the total package of an NCAA National Championship team. From height to speed, from leadership to patience, from experience to determination, from mental preparation to great work ethics, we have it all. And I am just so excited and thrilled about what’s to come.

Until Next Time,

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