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Dishing With Day-Day

Feb. 28, 2008

This season fans will have the opportunity to see first-hand what it it’s like to be a part of the women’s basketball program at Georgia Tech in a series of online journal entries at written by freshman Shaday “Day-Day” Woolcock.

Check out Day-Day’s latest entry below:

Feb. 28, 2008

Entry #7

With only two games left in the regular season, it’s amazing to look back on how drastically this women’s basketball program has grown in just the year that I have been here. What’s even more amazing is to look back on how much I have grown as a person. Through this program, I have become more confident and determined to get better each day, in academics and athletics. I think two key factors I have really grown to understand and accept are staying positive and having patience. As Coach Jo always says, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going,” and there have been many times over the course of this year that this quote has applied to me and my teammates. What’s important though is to realize nothing is worth having if it’s not tough to accomplish. Staying positive and patience are two components that can really help lighten the difficultly of many obstacles.

Georgia Tech Women’s basketball is definitely a testimony on how staying positive and having patience can take you a long way. When I first committed as a high school sophomore, our program was in the building stages. There was a lot of potential on our team but we hadn’t quite come through yet. I had many people telling me you shouldn’t have committed so early and you could go off to school somewhere with a better program, but I trusted my Tech coaches and I knew if I came here I would have the opportunity to be apart of the establishment of a great program. Not many athletes today want to go to a growing program. Instead they go to a program that has already been developed and they try to add on. Which is not a bad thing, but I’m just happy to be able to say I came into a program that many people doubted and now look what we have become. Mostly, I am so proud of our seniors. They have been at the bottom of the barrel where teams just would look over them but now when we walk in a gym, I can guarantee they are highly respected. Along with the seniors, I am also proud of Coach Jo and the rest of the coaching staff. I have never played on any team that lost more games than won and I couldn’t image how that would feel like, especially at the collegiate level, so for Coach Jo to never give up and keep pushing players even when they didn’t believe in themselves, that must have taken an abundance of heart.

With all the doubts and disbeliefs from many people, it feels great to be able to say look at our record, we made the top 25 team and we could make the NCAA tournament for the second straight year. But what’s more important is to be able to say look at the type of hard working players this program has attracted, look at how far we have come and look at how determined and supportive the people on our staff are. What’s even more amazing is that this program is only headed in one direction. That direction is to become better and better and I am so proud to be here to go along for the journey.

Shaday “Day-Day” Woolcock

Feb. 10, 2008

Jan. 10, 2008

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