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Dishing With Day-Day

This season fans will have the opportunity to see first-hand what it it’s like to be a part of the women’s basketball program at Georgia Tech in a series of online journal entries at written by sophomore Shaday “Day-Day” Woolcock.

Check out Day-Day’s latest entry below:

March 18, 2009

Entry #17

We are extremely excited about the NCAA tournament. Just the other day, we had a gathering with many of the people who have supported and made Georgia Tech women’s basketball possible. At this gathering, Coach Joseph and some of my teammates spoke on the radio as we watched ESPN on a big screen to see what seed we received. While waiting, Coach recapped some of our season to Wes Durham and she had a lot of good things to say. Some of the key things she spoke about was how hard our team works and how we are really built off of our defense. I honestly feel like we are one of the best defensive teams in the country and because of that, we can beat any team in the NCAA tournament, whether they were listed as a No. 1 seed or a sixteen seed.

We all sat in anticipation the whole time waiting to see our name flash across the screen. We had gone through a long yet great season full of hard work, sweat, victories, loses, awards, and life learned lessons and finally it was tournament time. Being that we are so young, we had come a long way as a team, and we were extremely grateful for the gathering that was put together for us, because we knew there were many teams in the country that weren’t going to get the experience of the NCAA tournament and here we were selected three straight years. We have worked extremely hard so we deserve it but it was just a blessing for me to have all my teammates sitting together again knowing that our season is still not over.

Finally, after a while of radio talk, Georgia Tech flashed on the screen as a No. 9 seed playing against Iowa in the first round of the tournament. Everyone cheered and applauded us and the wait was finally over. Honestly, we didn’t care where we were listed and who we had to play against; we were just ready to find out so that we could start preparing. Now I can feel the hunger in all of my teammates. We can’t wait to get back on the court competing because we know we have some unfinished business to complete for this season. As Coach says each year, you’re writing your own chapter. Well this season has given us a lot of good things to write about in our chapter so why not finish the last couple of pages off with wonderful victories in the NCAA tournament. We know our fans can’t wait to watch us compete and we can’t wait to put on a show. 🙂

Thanks everyone for all the love and support you continue to give us.

– Day-Day #10

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