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Diarios de la Costa Rica--Day Two

Oct. 17, 2004

San Jose, Costa Rica – Georgia Tech women’s basketball completed its second day of a five-day journey through Costa Rica Saturday. Junior Jessica Williams, a native of Riverdale, Ga., provides a journal entry describing the day’s events, as well as what the team looks forward to tomorrow.

Today was a good day, we just played our second game of the day and we got our seconfd win. Playing together for the first time let us see what we needed to work on, but it also let us see how good we can be. The games were a little confusing I must say. First of all, there was no shot clock, the announcer guy yelled out the time, also we didn’t play twenty minute halfs,we just played four ten minute quarters. Also the refs were absolutely weird, they just kinda threw the ball at you and they proved to me that the refs back home are actually pretty good. It was fun though, I think I played ok, but you can always play better. I need to shoot more not being selfish but I need to be more of an offensive threat. But I was killing them boards though!!!!! Anyway, the team played good, we had some fun and the teams we played were very sweet. They had so much heart at and they never gave up. The games were just so different, we even had to play with a men’s ball! After the second game we had a little party at hooligans that the tour guide threw for us. Seton’s hall men’s team was there so we hung out with them and had a lot of fun. The music was crazy, it was so upbeat, nothing was mellow. I don’t understand how the women in there was able to dance the whole time. It really is beautiful out here.

The weather is nice even though it is rainy and the vegetation is so pretty. And, almost everywhere you look you have this magnificent view. Tell you one thing though, you definitely don’t want to be a pedestrian around here because the cars are not stopping for anything. Seriously, I think at least half of us have almost come face to face with a taxi. I think I’m learning to speak Spanish a little. You really cant help it because even the television in our room’s have captioning in Spanish. And that’s if the channel isn’t in Spanish already. Its just really funny because you could be drinking some Gatorade and decide to read the bottle and you realize you cant….because its in spanish. Then, if youre a lame like me, you try to find the words to match what they mean in English. But that’s only if youre lame. We haven’t been to any beaches (Sorry Dr. Rhino) but the waterfalls we have seen are beautiful. And the pool at the hotel is great too. Speaking of which, I was so proud of myself for communicating with the cleaning lady at the hotel today. I mean, she was speaking some really fast Spanish, but I was able to hold on. Yea, I know I’m getting bilingual. Some of us on the team are really picking up on this Spanish thing, but others really need some help. Like Trina (Kentrina Wilson) for example. The only word she keeps saying is Miercoles. That means Wednesday. So she responds to what everyone says with “Wedenesday”. She must really sound silly to the people down here. If you want to know something funny. I know how to say some pretty foul stuff in Spanish because while I was watching a movie the Spanish captioned showed how to say the bad words in Spanish. So don’t make me mad cause I can say some really mean things and you might not even know. Haha. Yea right, I think my mom would figure it our anyway. Parents have radars for stuff like that.

Oh here’s another interesting thing. Papaya is not good. You know how most people probably assume that it’s a pretty good fruit? Well no its not. Its just nasty. I found that out at breakfast this morning. It looks pretty, but yuck. So like I said, today was a fun busy day. We played hard, we’ve just got to keep getting better. One thing is for sure, we love playing with each other. We are continuously building on our team chemistry and its really great.

Hey Mom! Whats up April? Miss you wish you could have been here.!!! Don’t get mad at me guys when I come back speaking with an accent. I’ve always been told I look exotic, so why not sound the part? Ok I’m done for real. Today gets an A- for satisfactory. Hasta luego!!!!!

After the Yellow Jackets’ third game of the trip, junior Ashley Guerrant will recap the entire day’s events, including highlights from the game and anything else that comes to mind!


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