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Diarios de la Costa Rica--Day Four

Oct. 19, 2004

San Jose, Costa Rica – Georgia Tech women’s basketball completed its fourth day of a five-day journey through Costa Rica Sunday. Junior Kasha Terry, a native of Douglasville, Ga., provides a journal entry describing the day’s events, as well as what the team looks forward to tomorrow.

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Hola, from Costa Rica!!! This is Kasha writing to let you know how we spent day four here. It was so fun!!!! This morning we spent most of our time at the Turu-Ba-Ri Canopy Excursion. I am not going to lie, at first I was really really scared and was not sure that I was going to be able to do it. I am not the type that loves to jump off the side of a mountain, even if I am hooked to something. We got there and they started to tell us how we were supposed to do listen to the tour guides and how we could get bruised and scratched up. So then we all scared. The tour consisted of the team having to zip line over the canopy of the rainforest.

There were eight lines that you had to zip down by yourself Jessica (Williams) was the big dog and decided to go first. Janie (Mitchell) decided that she wanted to scare people even more than they already were and said, “Some people will make it across, some people wont.” So after she did it I felt pretty good that it was ok. You know, given the fact that she made it to the other side!!!! Coach Jo and Coach Messer on the other hand were so scared. It was the funniest thing I have ever that I have ever seen in my life. It was so pretty once you got up there. You could look out and see the whole rainforest. That part got me a little bit because when I looked down I started to realize how high up I was and then I got scared again.

Besides Coach Jo and Coach Messer being so scared, the funniest person was Harp (Megan Harpring). She got up there and was like “Yah Whooo!!!” It was so funny. We were all trying to take pictures while we were up there. Harp wanted Carla (Gilson, trainer) to get a picture of her as she took off from the platform, it was the funniest thing that you will ever want to see. She turn herself all the around like she was trying out for America’s Next Top Model. It turned out to be a really nice picture though. The last line was the longest. It was 650 meters long. We were told that we did not have to hold on for this one. Of course everyone asked like three times if he was sure that we didn’t have to hold on. I did it and I didn’t hold on (except for when I had to turn myself around) at all. It was da bomb!!!

After we finished we took the two hour ride back to the hotel to get ready for our eight o’clock game. I took a nap just because I was sooooo tired from all the excitement.

The game was great because we got the win. I must give a shout to Jessica and Janie (reppin’ the post) for the great game that they played tonight. We all did a good job, but they were good tonight. The freshmen are wonderful too. Chioma, “Oh my God” Nnamaka, she does not know how much talent that she has. Jill (Ingram) did a good job also, she had a couple of steals that ended up being lay-ups for us. We pulled out four wins this weekend and that’s the good thing. We still have a long way to go, and we are still ahead of the game. Thanks to everyone that made the trip possible for us so that we could get a head start.

After the Yellow Jackets’ final day of the trip Tuesday, junior Megan Harpring will recap the entire day’s events, including highlights from the entire trip and anything else that comes to mind!


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