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ACC Teleconference Transcript

Jan. 11, 2005

Georgia Tech Women’s Basketball Head Coach MaChelle Joseph

ACC Weekly Teleconference Transcript

Opening Statement:

“We started out the ACC with a win on the road, and I thought that our freshmen played extremely well in that game, but then we came in last night at home and played like freshmen. We didn’t play particularly well against Virginia. I thought that Virginia did a great job and had great depth and experience. I think that you live and die with your freshmen, and sometimes they play like freshmen and sometimes they don’t but it’s been a fun year so far. This is a great team and I’ve enjoyed coaching them because we have a lot of potential, we just have a lot of work to do. Our goal here is to get better every game and we have to take our lumps. Last night we missed free throws and you can’t miss 15 free throws at home and have an opportunity to win, especially against a team as good as Virginia.”

A Look at the Next Opponent:

“We have great respect for Coach Frese and what they have done at Maryland in such a short period of time. We know that they have two of the best guards in the league on their team, and in my opinion, one of the best post players in the league in their freshman. We definitely have our work cut out for us. We just have to do a better job of attacking a zone defense and hitting free throws and doing the little things to win. We have a huge concern in the game because Maryland is coming off a huge win against North Carolina in which they played extremely well. I thought that Shay Doron played the best game of her career and it seems like they are just getting better and better. I know that they lost a key player and it seems like they stumbled a little bit but then came back stronger than before.”

On being an assistant coach and becoming a head coach for a few weeks

“It is an easier situation and transition when you are already familiar with the place and the team, where you are going to be coaching. Stephanie has been there (NC State) forever. She understands the league, she knows what it takes to win in this league, and she’s been with Kay (Yow) for years, so I can’t imagine that it’s going to tough of a transition for her. At the same time, this league is probably stronger than as it’s ever been, even though it’s probably as young as it’s ever been. It’s a very tough league and of all of the assistants in the league, there are about three or four that could step into that role and do a great job and Stephanie is one of those people.

On the importance of young players stepping up and performing:

There is no doubt that it’s been important, especially since we have no seniors and just two juniors that are playing quality minutes, to have a rookie point guard and a rookie leading scorer and our other player that scores in double figures for us is a sophomore. So we’re playing basically freshmen and sophomores the majority of minutes. Like I said, they have had great moments and then they have moments where they play like freshmen, but I wouldn’t trade them. I’m excited because it seems like, through every experience, they get better and they grow. Just like last night, I think that was something that had to happen to them in their careers and I’m just glad that they are getting it out of the way early. I think that you will see them come back and respond to that in a positive way.


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