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The Final Week

Aug. 10, 2011

Hola Yellow Jacket Fans!

After 13 weeks of travel I have returned to the United States, but this past week in Costa Rica was definitely the right way to end my journey abroad this summer.

Costa Rica is an incredibly gorgeous country, and much like Peru the landscape is breathtaking. However, unlike Peru, the country is green and warm — granted I was in Peru in winter. Not only is there green everywhere, the flowers and biodiversity in plant life and animal life is mind blowing. It was fascinating to see the difference between the Caribbean Coast and the Pacific Coast, which are only a few hours drive apart.

In our week trip, we truly made the most of the country. We talked to some locals and were able to get the scoop on local free swimming holes, hikes, waterfalls and hot springs. In addition we did the touristy things like zip lining and caving.

When all is said and done, I think that I enjoyed the free swimming holes and waterfalls best. Don’t get me wrong, I loved flying over half a mile above a waterfall and the jungle and climbing up a waterfall in the middle of a cave, but the hikes and swimming holes were so gorgeous and we were often the only ones there. One of them even had a Tarzan swing that we used to do flips into the water.

Unfortunately, at this same swimming hole Ryann hit her face on a rock and had to get 3 stitches right under her eyebrow, not to mention the huge black eye she has and gets to show off at work. The clinic doctor said that they get lots of tourist in there for work- I’m not too surprised by that. Turns out a guy in our hostel ended up at the same clinic to get five stitches above his eyebrow. He didn’t have the black eye, though.

Adjusted back to life in the United States is going to be fun and interesting. After this summer I have a different look on life and realized how many luxuries we have and don’t even realize it like running water 24/7 or heated water… or even internet in houses and pockets for that matter. While I wouldn’t have changed any of my experiences this summer, even eating cow feet and chicken livers, I am very happy to be home.

Looking back on this summer I cannot believe how much I’ve done and accomplished and changed. It’s amazing what you can shove into 13 weeks. I hope that you have enjoyed hearing about my adventures this summer, and as always you can read more on my blog at or email me at


Glenn Travis Wagner
Men’s Swimming and Diving, 2011


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