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The 2005 ACC Championship: Cheering on the Men's Team

April 22, 2005

by Kristi Miller Today we had to get up kind of early so we could simulate our first round match tomorrow. We ate breakfast around 7:30 and then got to the courts around quarter til 9. And may I just add that the breakfast at Embassy Suites is AMAZING! I wish we could stay at hotels like these all the time.. except I probably wouldn’t be able to move because I would always eat so much for breakfast.

Ok, back to the day. We arrived at the courts and started hitting. Kelly, Shosho, Dasha, and I all hit together while Ali had what seemed like a two hour private lesson with Nannie. Whitney and Kacie were playing a practice match and Esther was watching it all. We had a pretty fun practice today. The girls were keeping me laughing the whole time with funny impressions. Coach hit in at the end of practice and that was great because he gets so intense, especially when the game involves doubles. A couple weeks ago he was playing quick volley games with us and he hit Kelly in both ears and Ali on the head and finger (which got jammed in the process).

After we finished practicing, we drove back to the hotel and coach went to watch FSU play UVA since we had to play the winner of that match. We had about 2 hours to do what we wanted, which of course I spent doing homework =(. I think most of the other girls slept, well I know Kelly did for sure. Kelly sleeps all the time. When we got in the car to go to lunch, she had just gotten up 5 minutes ago, and you could tell! Of course, we went to Panera for lunch… no surprises there. I think that we should own stock in Panera, we go there ALL the time. While we were there the entire ACC conference ate there too (well not really, but 5 other teams had the same exact idea and timing we had).

After lunch we came back to the hotel and I finished up some homework and then we went and watched our guys’ team play Maryland. They won 4-0 and then they got to stop since they clinched. It seems so weird to just stop in the middle of a point or game when the match has been decided. So now the guys play FSU tomorrow and so do we! Yay Jackets!

After hanging out in the media tent with my buddy Cheryl and downing some Chex Mix, we were off to an Italian restaurant to get our carb overload for the night. It was really good. Whitney, Cheryl, Kacie, and I all played hangman because they had the tables with paper tableclothes so you can draw and color with crayons on top of them. So that helped to take my mind off of the fact that I was incredibly hungery, like usual. At the end, we saw the guys team there. They had gotten there about an hour after us to eat.

Oh and by the way… Happy Birthday to Marko! He is 21 years old! I don’t know whether they ended up singing to him in the restaurant, but between the two teams we must have told the waiters it was his birthday ten times. =) Then we came back to the hotel and I had to be entirely boring and finish some INTA homework. Meanwhile, I get summoned to the lobby for a “special announcement” that Dasha needs to make. The special announcement ended up being that they were bored and wanted to have some team bonding. So that was kind of funny, but in the end I had to leave and be studious. So that was basically my day. Now all the girls are getting ready for bed and dreaming of playing awesome tomorrow……………..


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