Tech Volleyball's Postcards from Europe - #1

May 19, 2007

by Lindsey Gray After a bit of a rocky start, two-hour time delays and a 10-hour flight, we have finally made it to Deutschland!!! Today we were able to let loose for a few hours to stretch our legs and explore Frankfurt. Alex Preiss was able to meet up with us and help us around town. She definitely came in handy when it came time for lunch and we needed all the translations possible to order.

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Some of us dove right into the German cuisine and culture with our lunch orders and others of us are still taking baby steps. After lunch we drove down to Heidelberg, and I think that all of us were starting to feel the effects of the long plane ride and the six-hour time change. We desperately needed naptime like we were back in preschool!

When we arrived in Heidelberg, we checked into our hotel and headed off to our first practice on European soil. Getting adjusted to the gym wasn’t too bad, and practice went well which surprised at lot of us. As a team we decided that we’re definitely going to need to get used to this sparkling water thing on the sidelines…It’s so European.

After a quick practice, we packed up and headed off to a team dinner. The mood is good and everybody is just trying to soak up all the German culture they possibly can. We can’t wait to see how the match against the German Junior National Team goes tomorrow…you’ll have to wait and find out in the next journal…


Tech Volleyball’s Postcards from Europe – #1
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Tech Volleyball’s Postcards from Europe – #1
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