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Tech Concludes Fall Campaign with White & Gold World Series

Oct. 10, 2010

White & Gold World Series Roster

ATLANTA – Georgia Tech will conclude its fall campaign with the 2010 White and Gold World Series, beginning this Monday, Oct. 11 and concluding Friday, Oct. 15. The Jackets will split into two teams for a four-game series at Russ Chandler Stadium.

Thursday will serve as a day off from competition.

Assistant coach Bryan Prince will coach the Gold team and volunteer assistant coach Rick Rembielak will serve as the coach for the White team.

Details for the annual White and Gold World Series are as follows (starting pitchers for each contest listed in parenthesis):

Monday, Oct. 11 – White (Sophomore Luke Bard, RHP) vs. Gold (Freshman DeAndre Smelter, RHP), 4 p.m.

Tuesday, Oct. 12 – White (Sophomore Buck Farmer, RHP) vs. Gold (Junior Mark Pope, RHP), 4 p.m.

Wednesday, Oct. 13 – White (Freshman Matt Grimes, RHP) vs. Gold (Senior Taylor Wood, LHP), 4 p.m.

Friday, Oct. 15 – White (Freshman Will West, LHP) vs. Gold (Freshman Dusty Isaacs, RHP)

All games are free and open to the public.

The Gold team captured the 2009 title with a 4-3 victory in the series finale.

Sophomore outfielder Brandon Thomas (White) and senior pitcher Taylor Wood (Gold) explain below why their respective teams will win the World Series:

Brandon Thomas

“When deciding who to cheer for this week in the epic White vs. Gold World Series think carefully. Here, I will showcase the Jackets in White. We will be lead by Coach Rem[Bielak] who will make all the right moves and add experience to our team. However, the man with the most experience will be 6th year senior outfielder Jeff Ussery. Ussery’s leadership has drawn comparison to Florida State’s former quarterback Chris Weinke whose playing career similarly went into his late 20’s.

On the mound will be our starters Buck Farmer, Luke Bard, Matt Grimes and Will West. Buck just throws really hard and there is no way that the Gold Team has any shot of catching up. Bard will pitch like a tiger in a cage and is ready to break out for a high-quality start on Tuesday. Coming out of the pen will be Jake Davies, Ben McKinney and freshman Jonathon Roberts, Connor Kendrick and Jordan Corbitt. They are a quite the feisty bunch.

I really like how we line up defensively. We have outfielders Evan “Rat” Martin, Ussery, Paul Kronenfeld and myself. Holding down the infield will be shortstop Connor “Red” Wynn, Chase Butler, Chris “Trip” Triplett, Jake “The Vacuum” Davies. and freshman Hunter Wheeler. Behind the dish is former all star Mitch Earnest. One solid group!

This team will combine experience with youthful enthusiasm. It is now time to showcase the Jackets in the White and Gold World Series. May the best team win and I like our chances!”


Taylor Wood

“When poised with the question, ‘Taylor, who do you think will win the White-Gold World Series?’ I feel a systematic approach of all variables will be sufficient in explaining who I feel the winner will ultimately be. Being a student within the College of Management I would not dare ignore the opportunity to compare baseball to a successful company. You may ask, ‘Taylor, who is this successful winner-like company you speak of?’ The answer is simple my friends, the Gold Team.

Everyone knows in order to create a successful company one must start at the top with excellent leaders. Bryan Prince has emerged from Georgia Tech as a fantastic player and now one of the best hitting coaches in the ACC. Experience with the Gold and White series is definitely on his side. Looking to the White Team’s coach, Coach Rem, who is new and just starting to get his feet wet at Georgia Tech. I for one do not really even know how to spell his last name (i.e. the abbreviated Coach Rem), which begs the question, would you want to invest in a company where you can not even spell the CEO’s last name? Or better yet a coach who has never partaken in the epic Gold and White World Series? Fans the decision is obvious, Prince will lead the Gold Team to victory!

The next asset of a company that needs to be addressed is the employees (players). A company is only as good as the people that work for it. The Gold employees go above and beyond the call of duty day in and day out. If there was a device to measure how much heart the Gold Team has collectively a numerical representation would not even be present instead all it would show is an infinity sign, and that is because every single day the Gold Team grows stronger. The White Team on the other hand is a group of individuals who have yet to become a band of brothers. Success, fans, ultimately can only be attained when the players of a team are working together as one for one goal.

My final point in proving why the Gold Team will be victorious in the World Series is this: the White Team has been sighted more than once taking reps off in the weight room. Last week the Georgia Tech strength and conditioning coach (Steve Tamborra) was interviewed about the happenings in the weight room, and here’s what he had to say:

Interviewer: Who wants it more? The White or Gold Team?

ST: The Gold Team for sure. You can just smell it on them, they want that victory so bad, the weight room can barely handle it.

Interviewer: True or false the Gold Team could literally lift Omaha?

ST: Are you serious? True. Right now they are on a cross-country run to Omaha…You be the judge.

Well fans the argument seems pretty clear. Would you want to invest in a company with great leadership, fantastic employees, and a strong work ethic? Or would you rather have a brand new leader, questionable employees, and no real work ethic what-so-ever. Ill let you be the judge. GO GOLD JACKETS!”



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