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Softball Summer Diaries Part V: Jen Yee Checks In From Japan On Road To 2008 Summer Olympics

July 27, 2008

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ATLANTA – While many college students use the summer to relax by the pool, go to the beach and work as waiters and waitresses, members of the Georgia Tech Softball Team are making full use of their time. Some are traveling the world, while others are getting a head start on their careers with some unique and interesting internships or jobs. will give you a feel for what some of these student-athletes are doing with “Summer Diaries.” In part five, redshirt junior Jen Yee checks in from Japan where she and former Tech stand-out Caitlin Lever are on the Canadian National Team preparing for the Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Check back in the coming weeks to see what other members of the team are up to as well as full recaps and updates from Beijing beginning in August.

Softball Summer Diaries Part V: Jen Yee Closing In On 2008 Summer Olympics

Hello again. So here’s the awesome thing about jet lag, you’re always up early enough to talk to family at home. I can’t seem to make the body sleep in past 5am these days. The downside to it is the fact that when you have a 6pm game that night, you have all day to sit around, twiddle your thumbs, watch Japanese tv, attempt to nap, check your email for the 5th time that day, go to Starbucks, or roam the streets of Sendai, which gets kind of old once you finish your latte and discover the ATM which takes your form of credit card.

We’ve played 2 games so far since being here, one against the Netherlands and one against a university team. We played the Netherlands on this artificial turf field which doubles as a baseball stadium. They just shave off the mound and let us go. It’s really weird playing with these dirt patches all around and sliding into second base is much like that slip and slide toy you had as a kid in the summer. Given it hasn’t stopped raining here since we’ve arrived I can see why they wouldn’t want grass.

One funny thing I’ve noticed since being here is how the crowd treats us all. I’ll just state the fact that Japanese people are probably the nicest and most friendly people in the world. Wherever we go, riding the bus, walking to the field, people are always waving and saying hello. And before and after the game, people are always wanting autographs and pictures. However, the Japanese public doesn’t seem to be interested in my picture or autograph. Yesterday these two girls found a teammate and I in the bathroom looking for autographs. So there I am, waiting for a stall and waiting for my teammate to finish signing these girls’ bags. When she finally finishes, the girls turn around and I naturally think it’s my turn to sign the bags. Oh no, they wanted nothing to do with me, they walked right past looking for other Canada players. I was a little hurt, but just laughed to myself. Those girls watched our game and got some autographs afterwards as well, no not mine though. It’s because I’m Asian isn’t it?

Anyways, these are probably the longest days ever and the highlight to it is eating and getting ready for the game, and of course playing the game. We got Japan tonight, should be a good one. Time for my nap, I’ve only been up since 5 after all. To close, a word from Caitlin Lever: Peace up A-town down. A true thug life playa from the ATL.


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