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Question and Answer with Center Andy Tidwell-Neal

Sept. 15, 2004

If you could open and run any kind of restaurant, what kind of food would you serve and where?

To be honest, I eat everything. I eat anything and everything. I would probably open a supermarket somewhere because I like to eat absolutely everything.

If you were elected to be the President of the U.S. tomorrow, what would be your first act?

Make Offensive linemen eligible for passes. It’s not exactly presidential.

What would be your ultimate Sports Center highlight?

To see Brad Honeycutt catch a pass with me throwing him the ball.

If you could communicate with any type of animal, which would you pick?

I don’t know. I always had a cat, but I never really cared what he was thinking.

If you had to exchange wardrobes with someone on the team, whose clothes would you want?

Anybody but Kyle Wallace because he only has four shirts.

Tell about one visible scar…

I’ve got a scar next to my left eye from when I was four years old and I hit my head on a desk. I was in pre-school or something and slipped and fell and hit my head on the corner of a desk.

If you could relive any single family outing in your life what would it be?

When my parents and I went to England when I was in sixth grade. We stayed for like a week, week and a half, ten days I think. It was fun.

If you could have season tickets for any team, sitting in any place in the stadium, which team would it be and where would you sit?

Minnesota Twins, right behind home plate. I’m a big Twins fan.

What is the nicest compliment that you have received?

Coach D (D’Alessandris) told me I was a hard worker and I got where I have gotten to through determination.

When your Tech days are over, how would you like to be remembered?

As a guy who played hard and really enjoyed playing football. Someone who was a nice guy and got along with most everybody.

Who has had the greatest influence on your athletic career?

My parents and Coach D. My parents always encouraged me to keep playing sports. Coach D because he has brought me through college football and coached me up.

If you could teach any subject/thing, what would it be?

I would teach a psychology class because I think its very interesting.

When I was a youth growing up, I pretended to be like…

I tried to be like Jack Morris. He was a pitcher for the Twins. I pitched when I was growing up and he was my favorite pitcher.

If you were forced to give up all of your possessions but one, what would it be?

My bed. I love to sleep.

What is your best non-athletic talent?

As demonstrated last year in the Humanitarian Bowl, eating. (Andy participated in the Outback Steakhouse Beef Bowl for Georgia Tech) I ate the most for our team. I had 80-oz. of steak.

What one thing makes you smile?

Seeing other people around me happy. Because if other people around me are happy, I’m usually happy.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from being a college athlete?

Hard work and determination can take you a long way. It’s hard to accomplish anything without giving great effort in anything you do.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Not really. I always like to be the first one to be taped. I usually get in and get taped really early. That’s pretty much it.

What is the best thing about being a college athlete at Tech?

The best thing about being a college athlete at Tech is playing at one of the best institutions in the country. You represent everyday a great place to go to school and a great place to be an athlete.

What has been the most memorable game that you have been a part of?

Auburn, 2003. Everyone doubted us. Even the school paper picked us to lose by 30-points, then we won and the goal posts came down. It was a great feeling.

What won’t you miss about being a college athlete?

This might sound weird, but I hate pulling my socks over my taped ankles. I hate it more than anything in the world. Your socks never want to come up and it rolls up the tape. It’s kind of a little compulsive but I don’t like it.

What is your all-time favorite meal?

My mom’s Thanksgiving dinner. My mom cooks the same thing every Thanksgiving. Everything about it is good. Everything is awesome. My mom is a great cook, which is pretty obvious by my size.

What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up?

I never really liked to dress up. It was always so cold in Minnesota I would always have to wear a coat. So I would make up whatever I was wearing under my coat was my costume. It always varied to what I was. It wasn’t anything too special. I would wear a cape or something and just make up a costume.

If you could make one thing come true for a friend what would it be and for whom?

I would help Brad Honeycutt get 22-inch arms.

What team would you add to the schedule?

The obvious. I would like to play against Minnesota. I played against a lot of those guys in high school.

Name a professor that has had an impact on you here at Tech:

Professor Cummings for Management 2200. It was my first management class. He had some pretty good lessons for us to learn.


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