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Postgame Quotes

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POST-GAME QUOTES * GAME 2 * May 30, 2003
#4 Stetson 5, #1 Georgia Tech 4

Stetson head coach Pete Dunn
“I’m very proud of the way our kids played tonight. I surely can’t say enough about Adam Blair’s performance. He did the same thing last week against Florida Atlantic in our conference tournament. He did a wonderful job tonight. He threw his off-speed stuff over the plate when he needed to and kept Georgia Tech off-balance.

“I was proud of our offense staying with it. We’re a pretty good fastball hitting team. We only had a couple of hits going into that one [sixth] inning. I thought we’d swung the bat well and had some pretty good hacks on Micah (Owings). We managed to catch up to some of his fastballs [in the sixth]. Then Blair took charge and kept us in the game.

“I apologized to him for taking him out. But we wanted to turn (Brandon) Boggs around and make him hit from the right side. Of course, Lincoln is our go-to guy anyway. So when I took him out, I said it wasn’t because you don’t have good stuff. Again, I’m extremely proud of these young men.

“[Snyder] is an extremely tough out. He’s one of those guys, and you don’t see them often. You can fool him once, and if you go back to the well and get him, he’ll end up making you pay for it. That was a tremendous at-bat. He’s that kind of hitter. You may get him on one pitch, but he’ll make that adjustment very quickly.”

Stetson starting pitcher Adam Blair
“I wanted to stay in, but as coach said, he didn’t take me out because I had bad stuff. Obviously, I threw a lot of pitches, but I wanted to finish the game. I threw a complete game last week, and I wanted to continue and get the last two outs. I’m just glas to get the win.

“They’re a good hitting team. A lot of good-hitting teams are fastball-hitting teams. So I threw some curveballs up there and some changeups, kept them out in front. They were looking for fastballs, and I threw changeups. Coach [Terry] Rooney mixed it up real well. They made some great defensive plays behind me.

“That’s my purpose is to go out there and get a lot of ground ball outs. I didn’t know I had that many strikeouts until I looked at the sheet in front of me here.”

Stetson third baseman Brian Snyder
“[Owings] did a great job on us for a little bit. I think finally he left a couple of pitches up. He left the fastball up to me, and then he did the same thing to Andy (Wilson) and then to Peter (Rasmusen). He had great stuff tonight. It’s tough, though, this late in the season and throw as hard as he does and stay on top of his game. He made a couple of mistake, and we just capitalized on them.”

Georgia Tech head coach Danny Hall
This is a tough game to lose but I give Adam Blair a lot of credit. He pitched a great game and kept us off balance and other than the two home runs we really weren’t able to mount much of an offense threat against them. I think he was probably the difference in the game. He pitched a great game, kept us off balance and as a result they beat us.

(On coming from the loser’s bracket): We’ve done it before. The most important thing is to try and win the game in the morning and stay alive and then that would mean we would get a chance tomorrow night. We can at least say we have been in the loser’s bracket and had to win four games in a row to win a tournament. We can take some confidence knowing we have done it before.

(On Stetson’s defensive plays): After they had taken the lead on us, the shortstop and third baseman made two great plays on two hard hit balls. And then they sub in a right fielder and he makes a great catch into the wall. They made three very good defensive plays when they needed to.

(On ECU): We had a chance to watch them play. Hopefully we can learn from watching their club play. I know that they are going to battle in the morning. At this point, everyone is good. Everyone has won something, so you need to play well to keep advancing.

Georgia Tech pitcher/dh Micah Owings
I felt good tonight. I don’t know what happened. I made some mistakes here and there and they capitalized on them. Instead of doing what I was supposed to do, getting it in on somebody and showing them that I was out there not messing around and out there to play I just kept throwing it right there (on the outside part of the plate) and they just kept hitting it. It’s a learning experience for me.

I was hitting my spots inconsistently, but definitely after the second (home run) I should have come in come in on somebody and if I had to maybe lay them down and show them I wasn’t messing around. It was one of those learning experiences.

Georgia Tech first baseman Clifton Remole
(On Stetson’s Adam Blair): He was just keeping us off-balance all night. We couldn’t lay off of the low stuff, the low curve ball or the changeup. I finally got one up in the zone and I capitalized on it. We have to stay back. The guy is not throwing 95, we have to stay back. I think that has been a problem all year. But we will get it. We are not out by all means.

I wasn’t trying to hit a home run at all. He was throwing me breaking stuff all night. He just left one up in the zone and I capitalized on it.


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