Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 29, 2012

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Georgia Tech Coach Brian Gregory


Opening statement:

“I was pleased with our effort tonight. I challenged the guys a little bit in terms of three key phases of the game – the rebounding, guarding their dribble penetration and us moving the ball, taking care of the ball and making some plays for each other.”


“On the rebounding, I think we did average, not as good as we’re going to need to do. It ended up 38-38, but I think we outrebounded them by four or five in the last two or three minutes of the game. We did hold them to 13 offensive rebounds on 40-something misses. That was pretty good.”


“I think we did a much better job of guarding the dribble in the second half. I thought we did a tremendous job of moving the ball – 20 assists on 29 baskets with only eight turnovers. I think one of the keys with this team is assist-to-turnover ratio, and we’re getting much better at that.”


On Jason Morris:

“He did an unbelievable job on the glass in limited minutes due to the injury. He knew how important the glass was, and at that perimeter spot, to play 10 minutes and get three defensive rebounds is exactly what we needed. He got in there and battled. We’re going to need that as we move forward.”


On the bench:

“Fordham is a pretty deep team. I think that’s one of our strengths. We talked before the game about our guys off the bench. They need to give us a big lift, and they need to increase the energy level. We got some guys that came off the bench, and they had their motor running today. That was a big lift, especially in the second half.”


Fordham Coach Tom Pecora


Opening statement:

“There’s not a lot to say in my locker room after that one. Brian and I are good friends. I think he’s done a wonderful job. I think you build with defense, and they are a much better defensive team than they were last year. I’m very impressed watching tape of them. They are playing within themselves, and they understand what their jobs are out there.”


“After the game, I congratulated Dan Miller. He’s becoming a really good player. He understands what he can and can’t do. He’s very disciplined around the basket. He’s a big son-of-a-gun, so he takes up some great space. I think he’s got a bright future. I think Georgia Tech is moving in the right direction.”


Difference between last year’s game and this year:

“One is being at home. Our place is a tough place to play. It’s the oldest gym in Division I basketball…I thought last year, we out-rebounded them and shot more free throws, so we were the more aggressive team. That was not the case this year. They were much more aggressive than us, and that showed in the outcome.”


Technical foul on Chris Gaston:

“He said something stupid. He thought he got pushed from behind.”


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