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Post-Game Quotes

Oct. 27, 2012

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POST-GAME QUOTES – BYU 41, Georgia Tech 17

October 27, 2012 – Bobby Dodd Stadium/Grant Field




“We flat out got our tails whipped.  We got whipped on all three phases of the game.  We didn’t get a lot of possessions, and then when we did have the ball we couldn’t convert on third down.  We also missed a lot of tackles again.


“It was a funny game, we just never got any rhythm going.  We came out in the second half and made a couple first downs, seemed to get the ball moving, and then couldn’t convert.  We just couldn’t keep the offense on the field.


“Going into the game I intended to let Vad play some.  It then became apparent that it wasn’t working the other way so we put him in to try and get something going.  I’m going to take a look at it and we’ll see.


“I think we got most of the inside reads on the offensive line, but we just didn’t do a good of blocking on the outside at times.


“This is really disappointing.  Now we’ll need to move on and come Monday start working to fix our mistakes from today.  We’ll definitely be studying the film and there is a lot to learn from with that.


“Jamal did a great job on that return.  I know he changed some direction on them a couple times, and just ran it great.


“You have to give BYU credit.  They’ve got a good football team. They did what they needed to do all game, and what they didn’t do was give up big plays.  Every time it looked like we were going to get back in the game, they made the big plays they needed.  Their kicking games was really a killer.  They kept putting our defense in bad positions and really limited us from making good plays.”



Opening Remarks


“I was really encouraged, starting on Monday, with the way that our team’s mindset was. I could tell in our team meeting that they were really determined. We asked a lot of them; it was a very demanding week in terms of practice. We did extra in terms of meetings and preparation to give them the very best chance to win this game. They wanted that. They were very anxious to play at a higher level and believed they could.


“Offensively, we made significant strides. With the exception of some ball security and the interception for a touchdown, I thought Riley (Nelson) made really good decisions, and Jamaal ran the ball very effectively. Defensively, I thought our player executed really, really well against a very unique scheme, and gave up just three points. That gives you a chance to be very good on the road and have good success.


“I’m really happy for our players after some really close setbacks, three games by a total of seven points. I was anxious to see them smile and see a victory come out of their efforts.”


On holding Tech to 117 rushing yards


“We worked overtime because of the 300-plus yards rushing and 500 total and 37 points a game. Georgia Tech has had our respect in terms of how well they move the ball. I give our players credit for the extra time and energy they spent to really be assignment-sound, and our assistant coaches, and they really performed well. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more proud of a defensive group.”


On putting all three phases of the game together on the road


“I couldn’t have scripted it any better. I’m anxious now to ride this team down the stretch. Although I think we’ve been improving, I don’t think others have acknowledged that. The outcomes may not have shown that, but I felt in my heart we were. Three more weeks and then the post-season, it will be fun to see how much potential we can squeeze out of this team.”


On the atmosphere in the locker room post-game


“They were elated, happy for each other and our team. I’ve worked them hard, and now they get to celebrate, which is fun for me to see.”


On Falslev’s kick returns


“Love J.D. We had struggled with decision-making and bringing the ball out not past the 25. Credit Coach Howell, he came to me and said, who do you think? And I said let’s try J.D. and David Foote. Those are two reliable players, Foote as the off-returner and J.D. as the ball-carrier. They just took the ball north and south, and it was a really good decision that changed field position two or three or four times.”


Can you put this defense into some kind of perspective


“I haven’t coached one like this yet. I’m very proud of them. If all the things that I do as a head coach, I look forward to going in that room every day as kind of a sanctuary, guys that I consider friends who are united in what we’re trying to accomplish. There’s a high level of trust in there that makes it a fun place for me to be.


“We did a lot of work. There’s been 15 of 16 years of defending Air Force. It’s kind of a passion I have to defend the option. We continue to look for new ideas and better ways to do it. We presented it very clearly to our players, but they took their assignments and just ran with it. They like challenges. “



Jay Finch R-JR C #50

     On moving ahead in the season

“One of my teammates used a pretty good word to describe it, it’s ‘amnesia’. You’ve got to forget about it and go into the next one and prepare for Maryland and playing in the ACC. It stings and it’s going to linger but we’ve got to come out Monday ready to work. We’ve still got a lot of football left to play.”



Jamal Golden SO KR #4

     On his kickoff return for a touchdown, Tech’s first since October 31, 1998

The return was designed to go right, that’s what we went into the game with. I caught it on the three and I kind of glanced at the left side of their return and they were closing really hard. I stuck my foot in the ground and ran around them. Once I got around them I was like ‘outrun the kicker’. If I outrun the kicker then I’ve got a shot at scoring. And I took it from there.”



Vad Lee R-FR QB #2

     On the offensive performance

“It’s obvious that we have got to get a lot better. We’ve got to clean up a lot of things. They were a good defense. They were pretty tough. When I did get in I tried to take advantage of my opportunity. I tried to bring some energy into the game.”


    On working towards the starting quarterback position

“I’ve just been trying to go out to practice everyday just playing my game and staying focused on the task at hand. Just staying inside my role. I try to lift everyone up during practice and in the game. I try to motivate everybody. I’m just going out each and everyday. I’ve got to get a lot better myself. Nothing is going to be handed to me, as we already know. I’m just working and now after that tough loss I’ve got to work times two.”



Isaiah Johnson JR S #1    

    On his interception

“On that play I saw the quarterback scramble and I was just trying to find a man that was open. On that one I was slow baiting him, trying to make it seem like he was open when I really was covering him. As soon as the quarterback looked his way and threw it to him I just broke. It was a good break by the defense and I just ran it back.”



Orwin Smith SR AB #40/17

     On the offense’s inability to move the football

“It can become frustrating at times. Especially when you think you have it rolling and it doesn’t keep happening. We have to find a way to consistently move the ball and finish. That’s been one of our main problems.”




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