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Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 8, 2012

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Opening Remarks

“I have to give coach Buzz and Wilmington a ton of credit.  They struggled earlier in the year, but are playing well right now.  They played extremely hard tonight and probably did all they needed to win the game.”


“There is a lot we need to work on over the next three weeks to get better.  I was proud of how our guys responded at the end of the game.  We could have hung our heads when we got down, but the pulled it out and got the win.  They had a hard fought game and made plays down the stretch. I am not pleased with our performance overall, but I am pleased with our performance at the end.”


“Our guys get the credit for this win for how they responded in the last five minutes. 


“We need to just continue to improve, and keep moving forward and mature in our approach.  We need to be a pretty tough, blue-collar team to be successful. “


On the defense performance against Keith Rendleman:

“We did a good job on him and I think our size hurt him a little bit.  We got good size inside and kept fresh guys on him.  I wish we could have matched that effort out on the perimeter defense.”


On Rebounding:

“If we can shore up that rebounding we would be so much better offensively.  At halftime that was the big thing.  Half of their misses they had rebounded.  They can do it, they just have go out there and do it.”


On the Performance of Robert Carter Jr.:

“Robert did a great job, but at the same time I know he could have done even better.  Having players step up like that is going to be critical to the development of our team.  Our depth is so important.  Tonight Kam (Kammeon Holsey) was struggling but Robert stepped up.




Opening Statement

“It was a hard-fought game.  I probably wore our guards out down the stretch.  (Chris) Dixon hasn’t played that much yet.  But our kids hung in there.  Georgia Tech as a team is very similar to us — struggle shooting the ball some and trying to harp a lot on the defensive end.   (Keith) Rendleman – they did a nice job on Keith – with their size in there and bodying him up.  So we tried to get our guards to drive the ball as best we could.  I’m proud of our kids.  We’ve had some bad losses on the road this year.  They hung in there and fought hard.  I told Briand before the game that I had seen their first game, and their last game.  I think the team (Tech) has really improved tremendously.  They’re going to get better and better and I already like the team already.”


On UNCW’s second-chance scoring

“We’ve talked about a lot of second and third-chance opportunities going to the glass.  I was concerned there in the first half that they were pushing the ball on us on makes, and trying to get some good look.  What we were trying to do was keep them off-balance as much as possible — man, zone, man, zone as much as we could just so they couldn’t get in a rhythm.  The zone helped us out a bit.  But they did make a nice play out of a time out against our zone that I thought was a really big basket.”


On Nate Anderson

“We gave Anderson a look there. He’s a young man that hasn’t really played much at all, but he’s kept a good attitude and everything.  His look there could have given us a one-point lead.  But I think the crucial play of the game when we got up five, and I believe the four-point play was right after it.  We just can’t make mistakes like that down the stretch.”


On how Tech defended Keith Rendleman

“Just like a lot of people do, surround him with a lot of folks and get up underneath him when he goes up.  Keith is such a tremendous athlete, he’ll jump straight up and elevate and turn in midair with that shot so people are starting to get underneath him right there.  We’ve got to look to get him some run-out plays and out-run people down the floor.  Our guards did a nice job; I know they did, because he wasn’t getting surrounded so much.  We focus on getting him the ball and I told our guards tonight we’re gonna go downhill with it and try and score off that.”


On Tanner Milson’s play

“We spread it out – our two guards out high and post guys inside – and we ran him (Milson) around a little bit.  (Mfon) Udofia was on him and we were just trying to wear him out.  If he (Udofia) was guarding him, we’re just trying to wear the other team’s point guard out.  Tanner really doesn’t ever get tired so we were just trying to run him around and space it out.”




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