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Post-Game Quotes

March 14, 2010

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Georgia Tech Head Coach Paul Hewitt

On team’s performance

“It says a lot about what these guys are capable of doing. It says a lot about them being really focused, especially over these last few days. At the end, their kid stepped up and made an unbelievable shot. To have the courage to step up after being 1-for-8–taking a three that if it misses long, we’re almost certainly going to get the rebound and run down and score–that’s a big time play.”

On the impact the loss will have on the team’s NCAA Tournament play

“It’s going to be hard because mentally, these guys are pretty beat up after this. Unfortunately, we’ve been through situations like this a few times this year and you’ve got to just lose it and hope we hear our name called this afternoon and hope we’re playing next week.”

On Jon Scheyer’s three-pointer at the end of the game

“At the end Jon Scheyer made an unbelievable shot. If you’re a basketball fan enjoy it for what it is. I told him after the game that was a hell of a shot you just made…so I think we should enjoy it for what it was, a great basketball game.”

“The whole year we played him and I thought we’ve done a pretty good job. We wanted him to come out on that side of the floor. We didn’t want him to come out on the left side…we wanted him to catch it on his right foot and turn so the defenders were right there on his shooting hand. He came out on the proper side of the floor that we wanted him to come out on and I’m telling you that’s a big time shot you just saw…there’s nothing else we could have done on that play except pray for a miss.”

On Derrick Favors’ improvement throughout the season and ACC Tournament

“In all areas of the game he’s improved…it’s all part of the maturation process of a freshman. Somebody said the best thing about freshmen is they become sophomores. He’s basically a sophomore right now and he’s turned into a big time player because he’s worked very, very hard.”

Junior Forward Gani Lawal

On the team’s late surge

“We bounced back and had some great plays. I’m proud of what we did this tournament. I’m just sad we couldn’t pull it out.”

On emotions going into the NCAA Tournament

“Obviously we’re down, but we’ll be ready for that.”

On playing four games in four days and the possible fatigue factor

“We were playing for the ACC Championship, no time to be tired.”

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening statement

“Well, we’re ecstatic about winning the conference tournament, and we feel honored to have been in this game. I know a lot of people say the tournament maybe doesn’t mean that much, but certainly it meant a lot to the two teams that were playing today. That was one of the best games we’ve played in this year, and in the last couple of years. (Georgia Tech) played really well, our kids played really well. Defensively, both teams were outstanding. But we got that 10-point lead, we didn’t do much wrong – we didn’t hit shots, but they did everything right. They were a very poised basketball team. And it was a game where – they didn’t lose the game, we won the game. Kyle (Singler)’s free throws, Jon (Scheyer) hit the biggest shot, obviously. So we’re really proud, happy and tired, but a good tired, happy.”

On winning the championship

“I told them after the game in the 30 years that I have been here, there aren’t many teams that have won the regular season and the tournament. When you do that, it is an accomplishment. Last year’s win was great but when you do both, that’s better obviously.”

On how the tournament prepared them for the NCAAs

“Georgia Tech can play with anybody and beat anybody. I think they are playing outstanding basketball right now. To beat a team with really good athletic ability, they are well coached, that helps you. We have had three tough games here, all the game situations that we have been in, especially late game situations, inbounding the ball, the free throw shooting, I am knocking on everything – our free throw shooting during the tournament at the end was just spectacular. Beating them and being in these situations, it was a great tournament was a good basketball game.

On Andre Dawkins

“Andre gave us a huge lift because Nolan (Smith) got a second foul early. Once he was in there, I kept Nolan out the whole time. Usually I would bring Nolan, Jon (Scheyer) and Kyle (Singler) back and trust them that they wouldn’t commit a third foul, but Andre was doing a good job and contributed greatly.”

On the growth of the team in the tournament

“It is the best feeling to be quite frank with you because when you coach in college you watch kids grow up, to be men, players and that has been the beauty for me. Winning championships, that’s pretty beautiful, too, but you win by watching that growth.”

Senior Guard Jon Scheyer

On hitting the three-point shot with 20 seconds remaining

“I hadn’t hit many so I felt like I was due for one. It was a great screen by Brian (Zoubek), I got a good look and had confidence in it.”

“My shot has been better, I will say that. Even though I wasn’t hitting, I still wanted the opportunity in the end to shoot the ball. They set a really good screen for me and I’m just happy it went in. I didn’t want to let my team down there.”

What made this team a championship team?

“Our defense and rebounding. Our team unity I think is really strong. In a tough situation like that – they cut it to one after we were up by 10, it’s easy for us to just fall over, but we’re real close and just came together.”

Is this the most talented team in the conference?

“I think so. Georgia Tech is right there, they’re really talented, too. The depth that we have, our big guys, we have a lot of talent on this team.”

On winning the championship

“This is really exciting. I could do this 100 times. This could never get old. This was a big goal of ours, but there’s a lot more we want to do. We’re going to enjoy it tonight, but once we find out who we’re playing and where we’re going, that’s where our minds are going to be.”

Senior Center Brian Zoubek

On Georgia Tech battling until the end

“They stuck it out. They didn’t show any fatigue at the end of the game. They really wanted it. To be out there (against) a great team like that fighting the whole entire game and get that win, it was great. We had three tough games coming in here.”

On heading into the NCAA Tournament

“I think this gives us momentum. We learned a little bit about our team this week. Three games right in a row are real hard. It’s like the NCAA Tournament. We’ll learn from it and move on.”

Junior Forward Kyle Singler

On how banged up he got on the collision at press row

“I have fallen harder before so it is nothing really too bad, I am not banged up, I am not hurt. If anything, it felt good.”

On shot clock violations

“We need to be sharper once the shot clock runs down. You are right, you don’t necessarily see that out of a Duke team getting shot clock violations. We just need to be more aware and more sharp once the clock runs down.”


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