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Paul Hewitt - ACC Weekly Teleconference Transcript

Feb. 14, 2011

Opening Statement
We’re in a tailspin, obviously, and we need to come out on Wednesday ready to play and try and build some momentum for ourselves. Chattanooga has a good ball club and they’re having a good year, and we’ve got to turn the tide here. Iman Shumpert continues to play very, very well. Glen Rice continues to play well but we need to get some more from other guys to correct what has been bothering us here lately.

On slow starts defensively
I think some of our shot selection, when you miss a three, it leads to a long rebound and turns into a transition basket. Early on Virginia Tech yesterday was just hot. I mean, they shot the ball very well, especially Malcolm Delaney. He came down with a three, it was actually that he made for the first shot of the game. Some of our shot selection will help us. We tried to make an effort to go inside early yesterday, we had a couple of good looks that just didn’t go down for us. We talked yesterday about the quick timeout that I called, just try to get the guys’ heads up, hey look we had a couple of good looks there, I think we had three good looks around the basket in our first couple of possessions. I just wanted to remind them just to keep doing that and the shots will fall and eventually the game will straighten itself out.

On if he had seen so many injuries to key players in the ACC
No, not in my eleven years I can’t remember. I’ve seen injuries, but to so many key players, no I have not seen a year like that and I think that it is just one of those things, just a freak occurrence.

On the loss of Brian Oliver’s scoring
Obviously, you would prefer to have Brian [Oliver] out there, but it does provide an opportunity for somebody else to step up and that’s what we haven’t had yet. It provides shots for some other guys. It is a moment and an opportunity that all players look for, we just have to have somebody step up and fill that role.

On Duke’s loss of Kyrie Irving and FSU’s Chris Singleton
I saw some of their early games with Kyrie [Irving] and obviously it appeared that he had a really positive impact on their frontcourt, getting those guys some easy baskets. I think it is pretty well talked about and documented that Mason Plumlee is still obviously a very good player, but not the offensive threat that he was when Kyrie was around. Chris Singleton may be the best all-around player in our league. He is one of the top two defenders in our league, his shooting has improved dramatically, his ballhandling has improved dramatically. He is a terrific rebounder. I am going to say that he is probably a bigger loss for Florida State than Kyrie is to Duke because Duke only had him for eight games, they have had a lot of games to adjust to his loss, whereas Florida State, now here we are in the middle of February when you are making your stretch run and now they have to shift gears. It will be very difficult for them. I’m sure they will figure out a way to keep it together. In terms of who is a bigger loss right now, I would say Chris Singleton is probably a bigger loss.

On if he has ever been ejected, and how many technicals he usually gets
No I have not. I probably over the years have averaged one [technical] a year. I don’t think I have gotten one yet this year yet, so I was due obviously.

On the development of Kammeon Holsey and Daniel Miller
I think his [Holsey’s] legs are tired, quite honestly. I think he has kind of hit the wall a little bit and he’s just got to battle through it, that’s all. It’s something that all first year players go through at some time or another and you’ve just got to battle through it. Daniel [Miller] is rebounding the ball well. We have talked about trying to establish him more on the inside and I thought he was more aggressive around the basket offensively. He did a good job. Obliviously both of those guys are capable of performing, we’ve just got to make sure we get them the ball more and try to keep feeding their confidence and get them reps not only in practice but get them some touches in the game.


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