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On the Road with the Jackets

Sept. 20, 2008

Hey Y’all! – It’s your super sophomores, Mash and Jordan (otherwise known as Jordash). We are on our bus ride back from Clemson, where we had an exciting two days! We started off by winning our match against Clemson in a thrilling five-game match. This was a HUGE match for us for several reasons:

1. They are an ACC team that was ranked No. 1 in our conference this preseason.
2. They are the defending ACC champions
3. They beat us twice last year, and it was time for revenge!

The gym was hot and filled with screaming Clemson fans on Thursday night, but nothing came in our way of a WIN. We are so excited, and we had a great group of fans, families and friends travel to Clemson to root us on.

On Friday we all arose in the morning and had a wonderful breakfast at the Comfort Inn in Clemson, South Carolina. They we had the rest of the morning to prepare for our match against Florida A&M. The match began promptly at 4 p.m. and it quickly turned into a 3-0 victory, which gave us the tournament title at the Clemson Classic. We are both so proud of our whole team, because we had a mission (to WIN!) and we accomplished it.

As we sit here on the bus reflecting, we know that we have another big weekend coming up. Next Thursday we will head to Virginia to play Virginia (Friday) and Virginia Tech (Saturday), and we are looking for one more successful weekend!

P.S. Twice this season, we’ve had a GREAT bus driver – his name is Dale – to drive us to Georgia and Clemson, both places where we won the tournament championship. Hmmm.. now that we think about it – he’s good luck for us! Anyways, unfortunately on the ride back tonight (at no fault of his!) our bus broke down – half of our team was rescued (by parents that were driving past or even those that turned around and came back to get us) but the rest of us remained broken down. Through some nifty handiwork by Dale and some of our volleyball support staff, we fixed the problem after only a 30 minute delay and were on our way back to Atlanta. What great teamwork! Now we hope we make it back alive!

P.P.S. We made it back just fine! Now on to watch the Yellow Jackets play Mississippi State in football Saturday at noon! Have a great weekend and Go Jackets!

Love, Jordash


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