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Meet the Georgia Tech Women's Basketball Freshmen

Sept. 25, 2008

For the second straight season, the Georgia Tech women’s basketball team has welcomed a top-10 nationally ranked freshmen class to campus. The freshmen enjoyed a summer of classes, working out and getting acclimated into the Yellow Jacket lifestyle. LaQuananisha Adams, Mo Bennett, Sasha Goodlett, Chelsea Regins and Metra Walthour sat down and answered a few questions about their first three months at Tech.

Describe your first summer at Georgia Tech:
“My first summer at Tech was difficult because I was still trying to transition from high school basketball to college basketball. Mainly I just had to get used to the running and working harder.” – Adams

“It was very interesting, a lot different from what I was used to back home. But I feel it was best for me to get better acquainted with the whole college life, so I think it will pay off once the season gets started.” – Bennett

How tough was it to be away from home?
“It was very tough at first. This was the first time that I was this far away from home but I have adapted to it and now I’m used to being away from home.” – Goodlett

“Being away from home wasn’t that tough, I honestly consider myself to be very independent. It has been missing that mother figure that was tough being away from.” – Regins

“For me it wasn’t that bad. It just felt like being on a really long AAU trip. Of course I was missing home and everyone there at first, but once you get going, it kind of takes your mind off of home.” – Bennett

What has been the toughest part of the summer?
“The toughest part of the summer has been learning to manage my time and balance classes, workouts and study time.” – Walthour

“The toughest part of the summer was the beginning when we started conditioning, but once the end of the summer came I had gotten used to all the running.” – Adams

What was the biggest change in your workouts from high school?
“I would say the weight room; we go so hard every morning we’re in there. Also, the length of our workouts, in high school we practice for an hour and a half and that was it.” – Bennett

“My biggest change from high school workouts was the early workouts that take place in the early hours of the mornings. WIEGHTS was also a big change. Yet the running was similar because my high school team was also a fast break team.” – Regins

What was the biggest surprise about Georgia Tech?
“The biggest surprise to me about Tech is the community involvement. Here at Tech we get involved not just on the court but most important off.” – Regins

“Everyone that I came across has been very supportive, not only the coaches and advisors, but also random people around campus.” – Adams

“The biggest surprise about Georgia Tech was how overly supportive everybody is. I knew that I was going to be supported but everybody from the coaching staff and team all the way to people that just work in the gym and cafeteria and even regular. Everyone just really supports us.” – Goodlett

How have the upperclassmen helped you?
“The upperclassmen have helped me in so many ways. They support me through workouts and if I ever had a question I know that I could go to one of them for the answer and if they did not know the answer then they would find out and then let me know. They also helped me deal with my homesickness.” – Goodlett

“The upperclassmen have helped me by letting me know about Tech and about being a part of this basketball program. They have also taught us not to make certain mistakes.” – Walthour

Who has made the biggest impact on you in your first semester?
“I would say Alex Stewart because she’s always talking to me during our workouts and letting me know I just have to keep my head up and fight through my mistakes.” – Bennett

“I would have to say my teammates have made the most impact because they always are there to cheer me on and pick me up when I need it.” – Adams

What was the biggest benefit of being here during the summer?
“It gave me a chance to get acquainted with how college life really is. It also showed me just how important time management and organization are.” – Bennett

“The biggest benefits to me are being able to come and get used to college life early on instead of having to in the fall and also a chance to get workouts in.” – Goodlett

What are you looking forward to this fall?
“I am most looking forward to begin traveling with the team and going places that I have never been to before.” – Walthour

“Starting my first real college practices and of course playing our games.” – Bennett

“I am looking forward to this basketball season and experiencing college basketball in full affect and just being able to be a part of it.” – Goodlett

“I am looking forward to getting the full college experience, but mainly I am just ready to play some games.” – Adams

“I am looking forward to the challenge, that I’m positive is in store. The season, my growth, the classes, the aches, the pains, the rise, the falls, the smiles, the tears, and the glory.” – Regins


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