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Jen Yee's Final Blog From Beijing After Canada Records Best Olympic Finish

Aug. 21, 2008

Yee’s Olympic Blog

BEIJING – Georgia Tech redshirt junior Jennifer Yee and 2007 graduate Caitlin Lever led Canada to a fourth-place finish at the Olympic Games, its highest finish in history. Canada was eliminated by Australia Tuesday, preventing them from their first medal in program history.

Yee led the Canadians and was tied for fifth among all the teams with a .348 batting average. It was the highest average of any player other than Team USA. Yee, who will still have two years of eligibility remaining at Tech when she returns next week, was 8-for-23 with three runs scored, a double, a home run, five RBI and a stolen base.

Lever was second on Team Canada with a .261 batting average. She was 6-for-23 with two runs scored, a RBI and a stolen base.

Below is the final entry in Yee’s blog which she has kept since Canada began its training in January. Click Here to read all of Yee’s entries for the past eight months.

August 21 entry

It’s finally over. It was a good run I guess, but I really wish I was wearing something around my neck right now. It’s funny how you can always have that perfect picture in your mind of what’s going to happen, but it never seems to work out that way. Sometimes you forget things often don’t go your way and there’s another team out there that wants to beat you just as bad.

There really is no history once you get to the Olympics. It doesn’t matter who beat who in the past, how good you think you are, or how good others think you are. It really comes down to who plays best during this particular week and a half, and which team handles the pressure. I didn’t even know what pressure was until I came here, and it makes me think everything else in life will be easy. Here we were, for 3 weeks, living in a bubble with one objective in mind, to get on the podium. It consumes you, it brings out the best and worse in you. Things that never mattered before, matter so much. Emotions are running high, and it felt like I was a see-saw in balance. Any little touch would send me tipping one way or the other. Normal things that would happen would get to me, and I would try so hard to get myself in balance again. It’s a tough thing to do, and maintain, after all you’ve got to play in front of the world every day, it’s not like there weren’t a million other things on my mind.

Anyways I’m glad it’s over none the less. Now I get to spend some time with my family before they leave, and maybe get to experience some other aspects of the Olympics before closing ceremonies. Before I know it I’ll be back in Atlanta hitting the books hard. No big deal, I’m just going to miss a week and a half of school, with a whole lot of jet lag I’ll be trying to get over.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this, it was good fun for me too!


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