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Irina Falconi's Summer Blog - Entry #16

Photos From Florida

Rising sophomore and All-American Irina Falconi has agreed to blog for this summer. She will keep Yellow Jacket fans up-to-date on her training as she prepares for her second season on the Flats.

Aug. 11, 2009

Entry #16

Greetings to all!

Please forgive me for not writing last week, for I have been enjoying my last weeks of freedom in Florida before I head back to school this coming Thursday.

Another reason for my failed blogging was because I had no matches to write about! Sure I’ve been playing tennis and such, but practice isn’t that exciting, is it? When I arrived from Missouri two Sundays ago, it was near the wee hours of morning. Yes folks, my 9 p.m. arrival flight turned into a 3 a.m.


I had missed my connecting flight for West Palm, so I went on the one to Fort Lauderdale. Only about an hour away from my home.

My dad took it as his duty and personal match, to go and pick me up at 3 in the morning, “Don’t worry mami (that’s the Spanish way to say honey, kinda) I’ll go pick you up! It’s my match! It’s the third set tiebreaker!”

He ended up winning the match at around 4 a.m. when we finally both landed in our beds.

So after getting home that Sunday/Monday, I decided to take a couple of days off. A couple of days off, believe it or not, is super hard for me. I thoroughly enjoy being on court and in a routine. So, I ended up taking a day and a half off before I hit the courts again. It was fun to be out and about again. Sure it wasn’t tournament mode, but it was pretty high up there. For the rest of the week it was tennis, beach, relax and work out. Pretty basic stuff, no?

The most memorable event that happened last week was the extractions. Extractions are when they remove your teeth—in my case, 4.

So that Friday I just chilled. Couldn’t touch a racket or do any type of physical activity for at least two days. It was nice because I had time to hang out with family I hadn’t seen in over two months! All in all, it was an awesome weekend. Sure, I couldn’t smile 100 percent which is always a little sad, but it was all good.

So on Sunday, I couldn’t handle the whole “no physical exertion” thing, so I decided to go on a bike ride to the beach with the folks. We got geared up and we were gone. After a solid six mile ride, we had the reward of jumping in the crystal clear blue water. True perfection! After about an hour there, we decided to get home to get some grub.

On our way home, one of the bike’s wheels exploded, so my dad took it like a man and said for us to ride home and pick him up while he walked somewhat of the way home. My mom and I put on our game faces, and we were off. Literally one minute later—another wheel explodes. We both laugh, and my mom decides that she will walk and I should ride like the wind to pick them up.

As promised, I was riding that bike like it was nobody’s business. I got home super quick, and in no time, I was picking up the two hitchhikers and their bikes.(The bikes are still not fixed)

Yesterday was my first day back on court after those three days of no tennis—and it was awesome! I played in this park called Carlin Park that is right in front of the beach—jealous much? After two hours of grooving and grinding with a buddy of mine, we headed home for a nice family dinner.

Only two days left till I drive up to Tech. I will have my mom and aunt joining me on this wonderful trip, and I can’t wait to be in Atlanta again!

Thank you for reading!! Till next summer! Unless you think I should keep blogging for the rest of the year… Let me know your opinions!!!

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