Irina Falconi's Summer Blog - Entry #15


Rising sophomore and All-American Irina Falconi has agreed to blog for this summer. She will keep Yellow Jacket fans up-to-date on her training as she prepares for her second season on the Flats.

August 2, 2009

Entry #15

So, just like yesterday, today was a pretty excellent day.

The morning started off with me having to pack the rest of my belongings and check out of my hotel room before Ron picked me up in the shuttle to get to the tennis center. After making a quick run to Starbucks, we arrived at the tennis center. It was a quiet Sunday. The weather was extraordinary for a singles final.

Once I finished my oatmeal, I greeted Caitlin and we headed to the court. No, not to play, but to warm up. We knew that it was going to be our only option so we both agreed yesterday that it wouldn’t be a big deal.

After our warm up, I got ready: took care of the sunblock situation, put my hair up in a perfect bun (what I call a perfect bun) and got mentally prepared for the match.

I started the match serving, and I held fairly easily. I knew that Caitlin had a big serve, and I also knew that her forehand was pretty deadly. I manage to break. I hold. I’m quickly up 3-0. She holds easily, and then I hold again. I’m feeling pretty good, I’m up 4-1, but I know that she’s not going to let me get away with it that easy. As I figured, she holds and breaks. The score is now 4-3.

The pressure is on. I have to hold to win the set. After holding, I manage to get the break and take the first set 6-3.

The second set starts off with her serving, which meant she was going to have the advantage. It becomes a holding game We both hold until 2-2, where I take the first break. 3-2 for me. After holding, the score is now 4-2.

Her serve. Pressure.


I had my chances, but she manages to whoop up a few big serves to take the game. So here I am, at 4-3. Again. I have to hold and break. I start off with an ace, and win my game. Her serve. Pressure. She comes in a few times, and I pass her.


Triple Match point.

First serve. I return. She hits a forehand—long. Game. Set. Match.

The ceremony was great, and so were the trophies. Not only did we get plates, we also got jewelry from the tournament.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Next stop: Home Sweet Home!!!!

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