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Internet Gain

Aug. 31, 2010

By Jon Cooper
Sting Daily

The start of the 2010 Georgia Tech Football season is a little more than three days away and already quarterback Joshua Nesbitt is getting hit. A lot.

Actually, it’s not Nesbitt himself getting hit but, the website announcing and promoting the senior quarterback’s Heisman Trophy candidacy.

Georgia Tech has never had a Heisman Trophy winner, despite the namesake of the trophy earning his stripes — and 102 of his 185 career victories — on The Flats. Joe Hamilton came close, finishing the runner-up finish to Wisconsin’s Ron Dayne in 1999. Billy Lothridge was equally as close in 1963.

While the site won’t single-handedly push Nesbitt into the favorite role, it’s a good starting point for a Heisman dark-horse.

“I thought it was interesting,” said Head Ccoach Paul Johnson, weighing in during his Tuesday morning press conference. “It’s catchy, it’s good. He’s certainly deserving. Hopefully he’ll have his best year.”

Just as Nesbitt is not your average quarterback, is not your average spin machine. Actually, it’s more of a spin-off machine, as the site’s main theme does a clever take on “The Most Interesting Man in the World” ad campaign of Dos Equis beer.

Nesbitt is deemed “The Most Interesting Player In College Football,” with the tag line, “Vote for me, my friends,” spoken in a deadpan, accompanied by a serenade of Spanish guitars similar to the Dos Equis ad.

In addition to a bio, action pictures, downloads and a link to the Georgia Tech Football page on, there is a video section, which adds a unique wrinkle and one that will keep fans coming back all season long.

As in the commercial, Nesbitt, donning a tux, is seated on a couch, surrounded by five lovely ladies, who are riveted to his every word (every girl in the video attends or graduated from Tech). He then pontificates on a given subject, which will change periodically.

The initial subject is “His thoughts on fourth down.” To learn his opinion, you’ll have to go to the web site.

You won’t be alone, as traffic to the site has already been huge.

Word of the site got out Tuesday morning and by noon, two hours before the official launch of the site, the comments mailbox had been stuffed with messages, nearly all of them leaving positive feedback.

To see for yourself, go to


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