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Godsey Participates In Chat

Oct. 29, 2001

Tech, whose last action was a 27-17 victory over NC State on Oct. 20, enters the game with a record of 5-2 overall, 2-2 in the ACC. The Tar Heels have won five in a row following an 0-3 start for a record of 5-3 overall, 4-1 in conference play.

The full transcript from Godsey’s Oct. 29 chat follows:

go jackets (tucson): Do you think the team has what it takes to beat a very strong north carolina team right now? Although I am very proud of the program, we have struggled at crunch time so far this season, what are yall doing to try and improve on that.

George Godsey: One think we need to walk on offensively is scoring in the red zone. We could have score a lot in the zone – – but we have work on that the past few weeks and this week we can take that next step forward.

Jason Cherry: I am a 6th grade teacher. I told my class they could make up the question. Here’s the question they came up with:

Do you have a hard time being both a student and a star football player?

George Godsey: It’s not as difficult as people make it out to be. If you don’t attend class and work hard its difficult, but growing up I was taught that hard work does pay off in the end!

GTChris: Do you think a stronger non-conference schedule would have helped your team prepare better for conference play?

George Godsey: We’ve played Syracuse, who just beat Va Tech and we play Georgia at the end of the year. But we haven’t executed properly, we are focusing on limiting the mistakes and turnovers that have plagued us this season.

George Godsey: One of my favorites things to eat are the wings from Hooters. I find as an energy source and my teammates do as well.
ND will find a way to start winning games, don’t worry about the Irish.

Wes, Cincinnati: Where are the best Hot Wings served in Atlanta?

George Godsey: the last question answers that

Ryan (Atlanta, GA): With such an exceptional offense, in your opinion, what has been the biggest problem in executing in the red zone? Also, has there been any consideration in throwing the ball DOWN the field instead on the constant 8-10 yard passes?

George Godsey: In the red zone – we constantly hurt ourselves with penalities and turnovers. It would be great to throw deep every down, but sometimes the coverage doesn’t allow us to throw deep.

Tyler (Atlanta): George,

When you became the starter last year a lot of people thought it would take awhile for you to adjust to the offense, but you came right in and amazed everyone with your play. How were you able to do this considering your limited playing time prior to last year?

George Godsey: One of the keys to the development of a QB is having a good mentor in front of you and Joe Hamilton was that person for me. He helped me a lot when he was here at GT.
You have to work hard and try to improve on your weakness to become better everyday.

Dustin , Lex KY: Every quarterback has a go to guy when the game gets down in the trenches. Which player do you rely on making the big catch the most.?

George Godsey: Our leading receiver Kelly Campbell has made a lot of big plays. As a QB, you don’t focus on one guy – – you take what the defense gives you.
Hopefully, we’ll be able to find a way to move the ball effectively againist UNC on Thursday.

Mark Nortel (RTP, NC): Hey George… Good luck against the Heels. As such a great student and role model, if I offered you a job, would you take it?

George Godsey: When II’m done with school, I would love to have a job waiting for me. I appreciate you offer, lets get in touch soon!

Kip (Atlanta): George, It’s obvious from some of the abuse you took against NCState that your knee is healthy and you are much tougher than some people give you credit for. With Peppers on the horizon how do you prepare mentally and how will the game plan change to contain him?

George Godsey: At my position you usually worry about the secondary and relie on the offensive line to protect you. I have confidence in the O-LINE that they can do the job againist UNC defensive line.

Eliot (Atlanta): What do you think our chances are for going to a BCS bowl this year. I mean, if we win out, we will have a chance to make a BCS, but first we have to beat UNC, which I think is our biggest game of the year.

George Godsey: EXACTLY!

Thomas, Columbus GA: You will no doubt go down as one of GT best QB’s. Who on the team do you see being the next QB that keeps Tech as one of the top programs?

George Godsey: We have a group of QB’s – who will compete for the job next year, among :Andy Hall, AJ Suggs, Damarius Bilbo, Dawan Landry . AJ and Andy have the most experience, but in the spring it wil be very competitive.

Enrique Polazzo, Atlanta: George, what do you focus on in practice and in games that makes you such an accurate QB? Also, you always seem to keep your cool no matter what happens, can you describe how you go about this?

George Godsey: I watch a lot of film and prepare myself for a lot of situations that could possibly occur throughout the game.

Chris: Do you like playing Thursday night games? Do you think they can be somewhat harder due to the distractions during the week – like school?

George Godsey: Missing class and arranging for make-up assignments is something that doesn’t outweigh the national exposure that GT receives on Thursday nights. The professors here are very understanding!

Cabell (Washington, D.C.): Goose, you’re having a great season individually. Has there been any drop in the team’s morale following the 2 close overtime losses? Is the team still holding out hope to finish on top of the ACC standings?

George Godsey: Whenever you lose close games it hurts, thankfully we have more games ahead of us. If we prepare and play well in every game. This season could be a good season!!
Thanks for all the questions –


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