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From The Compliance Office

Nov. 27, 2012

Downloadable version of the extra benefits letter

Dear Georgia Tech Fans:

Thank you for your support of Georgia Tech Football. We are all looking forward to an outstanding contest against Florida State on December 1st in the ACC Championship Game, and eagerly anticipate hearing your support throughout the game. Your support throughout the year certainly helped the Georgia Tech team to another rewarding regular season.

We know that the days leading up to the championship game will be filled with excitement and fun for everyone gathered in the Charlotte area. Our entire football team and many of their families will be in attendance and participating in the wide variety of activities related to the game. As a result, it is likely that you will come into contact with some of our student-athletes and their relatives or friends. Please be reminded that providing a benefit or service (e.g., meals, transportation, event admission, discounts) to a student-athlete or any member of his family is prohibited per NCAA rules and regulations. Furthermore, any actions on your part (or those of your family members) deemed as impermissible per NCAA rules may jeopardize the eligibility of the student-athlete for the ACC Championship Game and beyond. Additionally, any breach of NCAA legislation could be considered an institutional violation subjecting Georgia Tech to further sanctions.

The following are examples of impermissible benefits and/or actions which would jeopardize the eligibility of a student-athlete. Please note these are examples only and the list is not exhaustive:

« Providing any form of transportation (ride downtown, ride from the airport, ride for parents to/from game, discount airfare, use of an automobile);
« Permitting the parents or family members of a current student-athlete to stay at your home;
« Complimentary drink, snack or meal (including tailgates);
« Reduced price or discount access to championship game events or local attractions;
« Preferential access to entertainment or services regardless of whether the going rate is paid (preferential access to golf course);
« Access to events otherwise not available to the general public, regardless of whether admission is being charged;
« Receipt of any benefit from an agent or his/her representative;
« Any items or services of value (free parking, telephone usage, or any form of entertainment);
« Discounts on merchandise or services;
« Arrangement for preferential or reduced cost lodging; or
« Providing money to a student-athlete or his family or friends.

Our purpose in providing you with this information is to help raise awareness of situations that could result in unintended consequences. The mission of the Georgia Tech Compliance Office is to provide guidance to the entire Georgia Tech community with regard to the rules, regulations and standards which mandate integrity and fair play in all our affairs. Above all else, the office exists to promote and protect the health and well-being of our Student-Athletes, our Athletic Association and the Institute.



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