Five Minutes with Julian Royal

Dec. 30, 2012

THE FLATS – Georgia Tech sophomore forward Julian Royal was once of the most sought-after high school players in the nation at Milton High School, and is now a reserve forward with the Yellow Jackets.

He took a few minutes recently to chat with WREK-FM sports director Nolan Alexander.

Your full name is Charles St. Julian Royal. Have you always gone by Julian?
“I have always gone by Julian. It’s been my dad’s and my grandpa’s name. It’s been carried down.”

Who was your favorite player growing up and why?
“My favorite players growing up, I would have to say, has been both Tracy McGrady and Carmelo Anthony. As far as why, I have just always loved their offensive game. They’ve had some stuff that not a lot of people can do.”

What is your best move on the court?
“The best move on the court for me would be what my assistant coach calls the “Jules”. He named it after me. It’s kind of an up-and-under move. A fake attitude while you’re driving to the basket but it seems to always get me open for a basket. Over time I came up with it on my own. I didn’t really pick it up from anybody.”

Who are you looking forward to playing in the ACC?
“I’ve got to say everybody that we lost to last year. You really want to get them all back so there’s no one game I’m looking forward to in particular.”

What was the hardest part of being a freshman last season?
“The hardest part was adjusting to the game. You come from high school, and you can pace yourself, because not everybody is on your level. But once you get to college, everybody is just as talented and you really have to work hard. That was the biggest transition for me.”

What is the best part about living in Atlanta?
“Everything you can do in Atlanta. Whatever you’re feeling you can go out and look for it. Atlanta is such a big city and place you can find whatever you want to do here.”

What do you do in your leisure time?
“In my free time I’m just resting or hanging out with my friends.”

What is your favorite home cooked meal?
“My mom makes an alfredo pasta with chicken. That’s my favorite.”

What do you watch on TV?
“I watch ESPN and the Discovery Channel. I’m always into that kind of stuff. There’s not a specific show. I flip through the channels and if it looks interesting I might sit down and watch it for a little bit.”


Five Minutes with Julian Royal
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