Countdown to Tipoff - 18 Days

Oct. 28, 2008

Hello Tech Basketball Fans – I hope all is well, for a little while now I’ve been wanting to write to you all to express our appreciation of your support over the years as well as how important you all are in contribution to our success as well as the game of basketball. The definition of a fan is awfully constricted, a fan is more than an admirer. A fan is part of the team, a game changer, an emotional leader, a momentum giver. A fan is what 15 are in millions, and ultimately the team’s rib. Quite frankly, we are nothing without you all. The wonderful world of sports would implode without your existence, love, and passion. The fan’s name should be changed to fam, which is short for family, because that is exactly what we are. WE represent one another in and out of competition; whatever is said about us directly affects you and vise versa.

Now, we all know I will be out this season, but that doesn’t change a thing. My role for this team has changed to me being a fam and a player-coach. I would be a liar if I told you all that I am completely fine at the moment. It is painful not being to play. Nonetheless, being a man of FAITH, I understand that it is God’s will. This is just another test of my faith; my situation will make me stronger in many of ways. Everything happens for a reason; therefore I count it all joy, the good and the bad.

Everyone is continuously asking me if I am coming back next year. Great question, if it were my choice, most definitely. I put all my trust in the Lord, and at this instance, he has me in a “WE’LL SEE” moment. God will let us all know in his good time, he may have a greater calling for my continuation of life. Moreover, I will do everything in my power to prepare for next year, and again, I appreciate everyone’s support and all warm words.

I love you guys…peace.


D’Andre D. Bell


Countdown to Tipoff – 18 Days
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Countdown to Tipoff – 18 Days
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