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Chat Transcript with Head Football Coach George O'Leary

Head football coach George O’Leary will stopped by to discuss the newest Jackets after they sign their letters of intent to play at Georgia Tech.

Chat with Head Football Coach George O’Leary
February 7, 3 p.m.

Hosted By Quokka Sports& and

Ernie Graham Asks: Could this be your best class since becoming head coach?
Answer: I think when you look at this class overall. I think that athletism and academics, it has been the best class since I have been at Georgia Tech.
Chip Cochran Asks: Coach, great job getting some players with good size and ability for the offensive line and secondary. Any concerns about not signing any tailbacks?
Answer: No, not really. We have nine running backs in the program. Only one player is graduating next year. That leaves us with 8 players. I feel we need to start making use of those players before we start looking at replacements.
Dave Dilleshaw Asks: I’ve heard a lot of great things about some of last years recruits that were redshirts this season. Are there any that really seem to stand out as potential stars for next season?
Answer: Well we played so many true freshman, i think we have a good number of redshirts coming up. Jeramy Phillips and Leon Robinson will be given a look this spring. Both have great potential. On defense Rashad Williams a DE showed great promise in fall drills. There are five or six players that will be given a look.
Edward M.Bugg Asks: What are your feelings about today’s signings specifically in filling needs on the offensive line?
Answer: I think with today’s signing, we signed 6 OL. We brought two in early. With the other four I feel we have address a good area. I think with the group we brought in we added depth and will be an outstanding group.
Nathan Wilcox Asks: Hi coach, can you tell us about Rahshan Johnson? We know he has a good football background as a son of a pro player but we’d like to know your assessment of his skills. thanks
Answer: I think Rashan Johnson is a QB that is an outstanding athlete with great foot speed and good arm. He just needs to work on his techniques. I feel he is a great quarterback and has great potential at Georgia Tech.
Richard Reed Asks: Coach, How do you feel recruitment went after the loss of your offensive coordinator, and especially the loss to LSU? I very interested in how deep we are at QB after Godsey graduates.
Answer: I think obviously it is not good to lose any coaches after a good season. I think that is the nature of the business. Ralph is a very good coach and I hate to lose him. With the LSU game, you can’t turn the ball over and expect to win. We should have won that game, but didn’t. With the QB situation we signed four and feel the two we are working with in the spring are very solid.
Billy Wagner Asks: Great class. Dennis Davis appears to be a star in the making with size and speed. How do you see him helping the team the next four years?
Answer: I think Davis is an outstanding athlete. Great speed and athletism. What I see with Dennis is that he is coming into a position that we have a need at. With his athletism he will have a chance to see some action on the field. He has great potential.
Ralph Ranft Asks: Who do you feel is going to be the sleeper in this years recruiting class?
Answer: I don’t like to get into the sleeper issue. I think they all have great potential. I feel that the players that act like they are not freshman have the greatest potential of playing. I will have a better idea of what everyone can do in the fall.

Russ Clark Asks: Hey Coach O’Leary,

How do you see the overall depth of the Tech team in 2001, in comparison to 2000? Do you see the overall ACC gaining competitiveness going into next year?

Answer: I think we will have more depth this year. We have some many more young players coming back this year. Then we went out and added more depth in areas we felt we needed help. As far as the ACC, I think from what is coming back for this year. I think that the depth factor coming back for this year will be very good.
Deric Shaw Asks: Hi coach, With the departure of Tony Robinson at defensive tackle, who do you feel will be the one to take over that vacant spot? What’s the competion level there?
Answer: Tony Robinson did a great job for us for four years. Reggie Koon, Alford Malone, Accsey Loesch, will be great prospects to fill that position.

Michael Mars Asks: Hey Coach!

Bill O’Brien sure has done a top notch job as recruiting coordinator over the last two years. Will he be taking an active roll in maintaining the bona fide national presence Tech has established?

Answer: Coach O’Brien has done a great job as recruiting coordinator. Several coaches take an active role in recruiting. He has done a great job with recruiting. Coach Thompson will be returning the his role as recruiting coordinator. He was previously in that role. We feel we have a great staff and will continue with great recruiting.
Peter Bui Asks: Everyone wants to be optimistic about a new season (especially Tech since we are returning a lot of key players that gave us a great season), but do you see any key areas that Tech would need to work on to continue its success and carry it on to the next level, possibly even a national championship?
Answer: As I told the coaches and players. You don’t get ahead looking in the rearview mirror. We need to continue to improve in every area. We need to focus on improving in pass coverage and grow the passing game and WR position. We improved in a lot of areas last year and need to continue to make those strides this year.
Michael DeRosa Asks: It appears that you will be adding some help in the secondary with this recruiting class. Will you finally start using a 5 DB package on 3rd and long situations?
Answer: I think we need to use a 5 and 6 package in 3rd and long. The problem at Tech is that we have had injury problems. I believe in using nickel package often. We have not had that option and now will with the type of depth we will have.
The Techaholic Asks: Coach, we seem to have taken a more “national” recruiting stance. Do you see this continuing in places like CA,CO and TX, or do you see more of a focus on the Southeast and particularly in state for 2002 and beyond?
Answer: We have always been a big in-state team. I think you need to recruit your state very well to succeed. Once you address certain areas you have to go out of state. We have recruited in California and Texas and were recieved very well.
Clay Gunter Asks: Where do you see the Freshmen having the opportunity to make the greatest impact?
Answer: The skill position players have the best opportunity to make an impact. The further off the ball you are the greater you have a chance to use your athletic ability.
Hal Asks: What has you most excited about this class?
Answer: I think that the thing that excites me about the class the most is the athletism. They are all athletic and have great foot speed. Also they have all qualified academically. That is something that I am very proud of.
Richard Henry Asks: First off, congratulations on a fine season and an outstanding recruiting class. I was wondering how Godsey’s recovery is going and also if he will be able to participate in spring practice?
Answer: the operation went very well. He will be back in the middle of June. He will not be involved in any physical activites, just the mental phase of spring. He will have two months to get ready and we are excited to have him back.
Ken Elsberry Asks: Coach, Do you feel that we have the facilities and fan support to recruit with the perennial top ten programs on a consistent basis?

Answer: I think no question, with the new stadium expansion. Plus I think our fan support from the fans and alumni is outstanding. It will only get better as our stadium expands.

Thank you for all the great questions and the intrest from all the great Tech fans. I look forward to the upcoming season.


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