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Calvin Johnson Teleconference

Aug. 24, 2006

Q – You have had a lot of impressive catches, does any one stand out to you?
A – The one from my freshman year against N.C. State.

Q – Why that one?
A – I have never made a catch like it. One-handed behind the back, so that is it.

Q – You went up in the air and just made a really nice move on it. Can you take me through that catch?
A – I was just running across the middle and the ball had gotten tipped after it left Reggie’s hand. I just reacted, reached back and grabbed it.

Q – Calvin, I was just curious if you can talk about what you see of Notre Dame on tape as far as their secondary goes, just your impression of the group up here?
A – We have watched some film on them. I am not comfortable talking too much about what I see them doing.

Q – In terms of the big plays they gave up last year, does that get your attention a little bit? Do you look at this group as one in which you can feel comfortable against?
A – That was last year so it doesn’t really mean anything to me right now.

Q – Have you watched any footage of Jeff Samardzija at all and how do you see your game compared to his?
A – I am focused on the defense and I leave their offense to our defense.

Q – Are you tired of hearing about him since he exploded on the scene last year?
A – I hear about him but it is not like I hear about him everyday so it doesn’t bother me.

Q – I read that you were a big baseball player in high school. Did you ever consider playing baseball at Tech?

A – After high school I closed the door on baseball..

Q – Do you miss baseball?
A – No, I am fine where I am at right now.

Q – Did you concentrate on any other sports other than football?
A – Everything is on football right now.

Q – Have you noticed as a fan and player, the rash of transfers around the country lately, especially with skill players? Have you noticed that?
A – Not really. I do not tend get into the media too much now a day.

Q – Do you sense a general lack of patience, not yourself, just guys expecting to get on the field and expecting to start and when they don’t, they end up transferring?
A – I can only speak for myself, so I don’t have too much of an opinion on that.

Q – What kind of a challenge will it be going up against Notre Dame, not about the defense, but the legends of Notre Dame, does that enter your mind at all?
A – They are a hard working team and we’re a hard-working team, and we will see how it turns out on September 2nd.

Q – Have you looked back at the history of the Notre Dame – Georgia Tech series? Much of it probably before you were born, do you know much about it?
A – No, I do not know too much about the history.

Q – Have you ever heard about the game in ’76, when Tech beat Notre Dame with out throwing a pass? It must sound a little crazy to a guy like you.
A – It is interesting but I have never heard of it.

Q – I am sure you can’t imagine a team winning today with out throwing a pass, can you?
A – It would be tough.

Q – I know you didn’t want to discuss what you have seen on tape but are you familiar with some of the names of the guys in the Notre Dame secondary? Do you know anything about those guys?
A – I just know their numbers, it is what I see on film.

Q – Which numbers stick out to you?
A – None of the numbers stick out to me particularly. I am just looking at the defense as a whole.

Q – What do you think about their speed?
A – I am sure they have good game speed out there. We just plan to match it.

Q – Are there any games that you had a cornerback that you felt could change you or has that never happened to you?
A – Just once, my freshman year, Antrel Rolle from Miami.

Q – Is that something that you go back to and think about?
A – No, no that much, it is in the past.

Q – Was that because you were a freshman or was it something he was doing?
A – Maybe both, I was little inexperienced. I was freshman and that could have something to do with it.

Q – I was curious if you can talk about your game and the improvements you felt like you have made since last season and kind of where you still needed to improve off your sophomore year?
A – Not too much, just have been working real hard this summer in the weight room. I have been refining everything and polishing everything up, getting ready for the season.

Q – Can you give you a sense about the buzz around campus, a top-five team coming in the for the season-opener, night game, national audience, is there a kind of electricity about this game around campus and the program about this game right now?
A – Definitely, we get comments about this game from everyone around us about this game. Everybody is encouraging us.

Q – Do you see this an opportunity to show the national media and fans your game? Do you see it like a personal rivalry between you and Samardzija because everyone will be talking about the two of you and comparing you?
A – It is not just about me, it is about the team. The whole team has to show off on September 2nd. There is not a rivalry between the two of us. It is about the two teams, not about him and I.

Q – Are you majoring in Engineering?
A – No, I am in business management.

Q – Say football wasn’t an option, what type of career would you be interested in getting into?
A – A little marketing.

Q – Calvin, what do defenses do to get you off your game physically or trash-talking wise?
A – There is not much, the only thing they can do is triple coverage, nobody really trash talks anymore.

Q – No one trash talks?
A – Not anymore, not since my freshman year.

Q – Is that a sign of respect you think, that this guy doesn’t deserve it and he has earned it?
A- Definitely, I have worked hard to be in the position I am in right now, so it is something that is earned.

Q – Would you talk a little bit on the field?
A – No, I don’t talk much trash out there, if any at all. It is not the way I do things. I just go out there and do what I have to do.

Q – Was a (Antrel) Rolle a guy who would do that, did he challenge you?
A – No, he was the same way, he just did what he had to do.

Q – Being the stand-out wide receiver having to face double and triple teams, do you ever think about what it would be like if you have to only deal with single coverage and you have an all-American quarterback throwing the ball to you?
A – That is not on my mind, if I get single coverage then that is terrific. I believe I work with one of the best quarterbacks in the nation right now on my team so if I get single coverage I feel I would excel every time.


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