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Atlanta Regional Game 3 - Quotes

May 16, 2009

Georgia Tech
Head Coach Sharon Perkins

On Jessica Weaver’s huge home run in the fourth inning:
“Weaver’s home run somewhat clinched it for us and gave us a lot of cushion. It gave Kristen the ability to move her pitches around, and we also started mixing in some other pitches. The homerun was huge for Weaver especially, because she has been working really hard and making adjustments throughout the year.

On being able to take care of business and move to the championship round:
“With the rain delay we didn’t really know what was going happen with trying to go for three games tonight. It was nice to clinch that first game and send the team back home. It has already been a long day for them already.”

#21 Kristen Adkins, P
On what the win meant to her and the team:
“It means a lot to stay in the winner’s bracket. It was tough all day today with the rain delay by just having to hang out in the locker room and wait. The girls came out and were ready to play from the first pitch and I think it really showed.”

On her pitching performance in the complete game win:
“I think I was a little giddy in the beginning. But the screwball seemed to be working really well tonight which we normally don’t go to a lot, but went to it a lot tonight. My drop balls are always solid and something I can fall back on as well.”

#3 Jessica Weaver, C
On how she felt after helping her team gain some breathing room with the fourth inning homerun:
“It felt awesome actually. I have been struggling all season and to be able to come up big in a situation like that. It just really meant a lot for me and the team. It was great.”

Head Coach Tina Deese

On her thoughts of the game:
“Georgia Tech did a better job of making adjustments at the plate than we did. It was a well fought game. We got on the board first. Like I said, they made their adjustments with their lineup, they saw the ball a little bit better, forced the pitcher to bring it down and drilled the ball.”

On needed improvements for the next game:
“We did not play poorly. They just played better than us tonight.”

#16 Elizabeth Eisterhold, C
On the team’s thoughts after gaining a 1-0 lead:
“Well, we had the momentum going into other innings and we kept getting runners on base. We just needed to hit the ball more, hard on the ground and adjust more to the Georgia Tech pitcher. She threw us a lot of drop balls, so we needed to adjust to that better.”

On the turning point of the game:
“I do not think there was a turning point where we weren’t able to come back. We fought the whole game. It was doable to come back; we just didn’t get our hits together.”


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