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Winners Selected for 1990 vs. UVA Story Contest

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In conjunction with Tuesday night’s re-air of Georgia Tech football’s 41-38 win over No. 1 Virginia that propelled the Yellow Jackets to the 1990 national championship, and the subsequent after-show featuring Marco ColemanScott SissonCalvin Tiggle and Todd Stansbury, Tech also asked fans to submit their stories from the Jackets’ classic victory over UVA on Facebook.

Five winners were selected from dozens of entries to be featured below. Each winner will receive a $100 gift card from Kroger.

Jerry Maziar

I am a Tech grad (1964), and my daughter was a student at UVA at the time. My wife and I went to Charlottesville to visit our daughter and go to the game. At the end of the game I was so excited that I rushed the field jumping down from the brick wall surrounding the field. Of course, I sprained my ankle in the jump. After celebrating with the team, I realized that there were no steps to get back into the stands to join my wife. The Tech Band Director at the time (I think it was Bucky Johnson) loaned me his Band Director ladder so I could get over the wall and limp back to my wife in the stands. After over 60 years of attending Tech football games, that is still my favorite game and my favorite Tech football memory.

Michael O’Connell

We were living in Tennessee and when Scott hit the field goal my 7 year old son jumped up and announced “we’re going to Disney World.” My wife looked at me and asked did you promise that. I replied I told him if we won the conference we’d go and we still have a game to play. Tim asked who do we have to play? I said Wake Forest, he jumped up again and yelled “we’re going to Disney World.”

Paul Eichamer

I was watching it in my fraternity house. Heard a rumor one of the Tech clubs had a campfire the night before in Scott Stadium and the game was almost not played since the field turf was partially destroyed. Check out the discolored patch of turf during the game. After we scored point 41, many remembered Coach Ross stating during the 1989 and 1990 preseasons that after big wins we should tear down the goal posts. Tech did! Probably only time in college football history the goal posts were torn down in a stadium, BDS@HGF, where the game was not played. All but one piece of those goal posts were recovered. Evening ended with waiting for the team buses to arrive while sitting on couches on Techwood Drive in front of GTAA.

Shawn Fowler

My wife and I moved our wedding date up a day to November 2nd out of concern that none of my GT friends would attend if the wedding remained on the 3rd. Only stipulation from my wife was that I couldn’t watch the game. Driving to our honeymoon destination in NC, she realized that I had to watch the game so we pulled over at a gas station in Spartanburg to watch the fourth quarter. What a start to our honeymoon! Less than 2 months later, we were at the Citrus Bowl to see us win the national championship!

James Stovall

I was 12 years old. My father and grandfather were both Tech alums so I attended every home game of that magical season in person. For GT vs. UVA my parents hosted the largest party we have ever hosted at our house, even 30 years later. We had TVs set up in every room and a huge mass of food. At halftime the mood was mixed, but as GT started coming back the environment was electric! Upon winning the place went crazy!

Later that month, my dad and I attended the UGA beatdown in Athens, and the Citrus Bowl victory over Nebraska and both were sweet. It is a season that we will never forget, and this game was the turning point. That second half was perhaps the single most important part of the season. GO JACKETS!!!


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