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Tales From The Fans

Nov. 23, 2010

Paul Johnson was in a better humor Tuesday than he’s been for several weeks, and that should surprise nobody. It’s Georgia week.

Truth be told, there was more to Johnson’s demeanor than the fact Georgia Tech will play at Georgia Saturday, like not coming off a loss, and perhaps more.

Some fans and maybe even some members of the media last year seemed to believe that Johnson was under-emphasizing the importance of this game relative to its historical, um, history. The coach said in his Tuesday meeting with the media, “that was the biggest misnomer” last year.

That said, he’s not over-hyping the game, either.

There will be more on this notion later in the week, and it may be an easier concept to work with this season because the ACC Championship Game is not beckoning one week after the rivalry game.

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Meanwhile, here are a few Tech-Georgia tales sent in by fans:

I have a memory of Gary Lee returning a kick-off for a touchdown in the Tech-UGA game at Grant Field around 1984 or 85. It was a night game and there was so much fog that I couldn’t see much past the 30 or 40 yard line from where I was sitting in the north stands. Lee received the ball at the south end of the field, but I didn’t know who had the ball. I could only hear the crowd noise coming toward me in a wave. Then, suddenly, I see Lee coming out of the fog with several defenders in pursuit. Great memory.

– Derik Keel

Edit: Research reveals that it was in 1985, Derik. Here’s a link to video of it, with Al Ciraldo’s call: (

1. In the 1984 game, Tech was drilling Georgia 35-6 late in the 3rd quarter on a beautiful warm, sunny day in Athens. Tech QB John Dewberry called a timeout and told the team in the huddle, “This place is going to empty out during the timeout – just turn around and soak it in and enjoy – I’ll go take the heat from Curry.” (or words to that effect). This story was confirmed to me by one of the offensive linemen later, and I have always liked Dewberry that much more after knowing this. I can also testify that the stadium did empty dramatically during that timeout.

2. In the 1998 game, Brad Chambers kicked a field goal with just seconds left to lift Tech to a 19-17 win in Athens. Georgia was on the bubble to go to a bowl in Orlando and Tampa and was likely to tumble with the loss. In the jubilant Tech section in the end zone where Chambers’ FG had landed – one loud voice yelled out in gravelly Larry Munson fashion “Look at the Peaches falling from the sky”. It may have been the best line I have ever heard from the stands at a football game.

– Rich Scheff

Here’s video with Wes Durham’s call: (

My favorite memory involves the band. I think it was 1992. Our band took the field at halftime and they were carrying some curious looking rolled up tarp. They took it to midfield, and over that big Green Bay G they rolled out a huge tarp with GT on it. You could not hear a single note our band played that day because all of Sanford stadium booed continuously. There were Georgia cheerleaders lunging at the tarp, trying to pull back corners. But there were GT band members literally kicking them away like they were stray dogs. This is also a good example of Tech’s creativity in comparison to Georgia’s lack thereof.

– David Joiner

Alas, I can find no video evidence. Anybody got any? Send more tales to


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