#STINGDAILY: Sign of the Good Times

Aug. 5, 2013

By Jon Cooper
Sting Daily

Unleash the Georgia Tech faithful on their team and you never know just what they’ll bring with them to sign.

That unpredictability is part of what makes Fan Day so much fun. Here are just a couple of the Yellow Jackets’ recollections of the weird, or at least memorable, items they’ve had presented or seen presented from Fan Days past.

Euclid Cummings – Redshirt senior Defensive End

“Fan Day is always a good day. You always get some nice laughs. Like signing [a fans’] kid. They’re like, ‘Here’s my kid. Sign him.’ You’re like, ‘Alright.’ You sign some shirts but there’s been some arms signed.”

Jay Finch – Redshirt senior Offensive Lineman

“One fan had me sign a Georgia t-shirt. I’m like, ‘Why do you want me to sign a Georgia t-shirt?’ She was going to give it someone as a gift, ‘Here’s the Georgia shirt you wanted for your birthday’ or something and it had all the Georgia Tech signatures on it. So I thought that was weird but it was more funny.”

Vad Lee – Redshirt sophomore Quarterback

“I really haven’t had too much weird stuff. It’s fun when the fans took a picture, back, whenever — you don’t even remember — but you took a picture with their son and they bring it to you and show it to you and ask you to sign it. That’s pretty cool. You don’t even remember when you took it but you know it meant something to the fan.”

David Sims – Redshirt senior B-Back

“My sophomore year, I sat beside [quarterback Joshua] Nesbitt and he had people bringing him all kinds of pictures. I still have a picture that somebody brought him, it was half his body on a centaur’s body. That was really funny. I’ve never seen anything like that. For me, personally, I don’t think anybody’s brought anything weird. I’ve probably signed somebody’s arm but that’s probably the weirdest.”

Dave Walkosky – Special Teams Coordinator

“I get some trick plays people ask me to put in. They said they drew them up for me, a couple of field goal fakes, a couple of kick returns. I think them asking me to put those in is probably the craziest.”

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#STINGDAILY: Sign of the Good Times
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