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Spring Practice #7: 10 Questions With Morgan Burnett

Written/compiled by Nick Kretschmar

Junior Safety Morgan Burnett loves football. Last season he lead the team in multiple defensive categories including tackles and interceptions. After starting every game in his sophomore campaign, he will anchor a young secondary in 2009. We were able to catch up with Burnett after Friday’s practice.

Q: How was conditioning this year? Any difference to last year?

A: Conditioning is going good. This year we’ve got a lot of guys working hard. And I would say differences from last year is our guys have a good tempo about themselves and guys are pumped up and excited to come out and compete and push each other to work harder.

Q: The secondary is a young unit on the team. Would you say that you are a leader out there helping the younger guys?

A: Yeah, I would say pretty much all of us are leaders out there. Pretty much helping each other out and telling each other what we’re doing wrong, then look for things to just push each other harder.

Q: What wide receiver on the team might surprise people and light it up next year?

A: You already know about Demaryius Thomas, but I’d say Tyler Melton and Daniel McKayhan might surprise a lot of people.

Q: After leading the team in many stats last year what do you think you can do to improve your game even more?

A: Just continue to watch film, continue to push myself, go harder in practice and just continue to get better and play with my eyes.

Q: Did playing quarterback in high school give you an edge as a safety now?

A: Yeah, it gives you an edge because sometimes you’ll know how the quarterback will be thinking at times, but then also with your foot work and athletic ability.

Q: What are some personal and team goals you have for this season?

A: Team goals are just to win every possible game we can and be champions. My personal goal is just to improve and get better at safety than I was last year.

Q: You picked off a pass in the UGA game that you took back for a touchdown. Walk me through that play.

A: I was just playing out of coverage and Tony Clark had the receiver pretty much D-ed up, so I’m thinking like I don’t think he is going to come this way. Then, I think there was a miscommunication between receiver and the quarterback, and the ball came straight at me. I was just so wide open I was hoping I wasn’t going to drop it.

Q: I hear you have a good sense of humor. Did you pull any pranks on April Fool’s?

A: Oh yeah, I got a bunch of pranks out, but no one got me. I’m pretty much an April Fool’s champ. I pretty much get (Josh) Nesbitt and Brad Jefferson everyday, so April Fools is just a normal day for me.

Q: Who had dreads first you or Mario Butler?

A: I think I had dreads first, but I think Mario started out with braids, so I guess we got them about the same time.


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