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Q&A With Softball Standout Amy Hosier

April 28, 2005

How would you rate this season so far?

Amy Hosier: This season is awesome. This is the best team that I have played for, so it’s exciting now that we are about to get into postseason play.

Beating Gerogia is always a highlight and it’s exciting to know that we can play right along with that caliber of teams.

What has been the biggest reason for your consistent success at the plate this year?

Hosier: This year I am a lot more patient at the plate. In the past I would swing at bad pitches and I just wasn’t seeing the ball very well. This year I am a lot more confident at the plate and I’m seeing the ball well.

Last year, you seemed to have a problem with the outside pitch, this year you have several doubles to the opposite field, what changes did you make in the offeseason to correct that?

Hosier: During the fall, I worked on getting my hands inside of the ball and hitting the ball to the left side. It has really helped my swing and I’m not getting jammed at all this year.

Tech could win its first ever ACC regular season crown this weekend against Maryland, what does that mean to you and the team?

Hosier: It means a lot to us. We have worked hard this season and it has paid off. If we win one more game this weekend we clinch the ACC and that puts us in good standing going into the tournament, which is definately an advantage, because we could possibly just play one game a day and get a lot of rest in between those games, whereas the other teams have to play a lot more. We have had to do it in the past and it is very hard winning that many games, so we definately have an advantage if we can pull it off.

GT has stolen a school record and NCAA leading 140 bases, is it fun when a coach runs as much as Head Coach Ehren Earleywine does?

Hosier: It’s a lot of fun having our team steal as much as we do. We have a lot of speed on this team and when somebody gets on base, they steal second, and are now in scoring position, which I believe allows us to score so many runs per game this year.

Last year GT was the No. 5 seed in the tournament and had to play six games at the tourney, this year, the No. 1 seed could only play three games and win the tournament, how big of an advantage is that and how much motivation does that provide the team with?

Hosier: Like I said earlier it is a huge advantage. Playing six games and winning them all is tough to do and it is nice to know that we have the possibility of only playing three.

Off the diamond, what are some of the things you like to do to prepare yourself for a big game?

Hosier: I don’t really do much, I just like to mentally prepare myself before game time comes.

Are you superstitious, and if so, what?

Hosier: Yes I am. I cant step on the chalk before the game. I also have to do everything in the same order before the game and during it. During the game I have to stand next to Kristina [Hull], I dont know how that started but we have this little thing that we do while our team is up to bat.

What do you like to do when you’re not playing softball?

Hosier: I like hanging out with my friends and watching T.V. and movies. I also enjoy watching NFL football, especially the [Denver] Broncos, but it’s the offseason right now so my Sunday’s are free.


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