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Post Game Quotes: Georgia Tech vs. Miami

Oct. 2, 2004

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Post Game Quotes, October 2, 2004

Final Score:  Miami 27, Georgia Tech 3




Comment on possible miscommunication with receivers:

“A couple of times we just didn’t put the ball in the right spot.  The receivers in man coverage are going get bumped around, it’s not like zone coverage.  We have to make the adjustment and be on the same page.  They are pretty physical as defensive backs they pushed us more than we were able to assimilate in practice.”


Comment on whether to put Patrick Carter in the game at quarterback:

“We talked about it at the end, but we just thought we would stick with Reggie to finish the game out.”


Comment on the play of the defense:

“There were some other people making the sacks.  Except for two plays, our defense played very well in the ball game.  We gave up two long passes other than that we played pretty well on defense.  I thought our special teams; we just turned the ball over and didn’t finish the drive.  We moved the ball and couldn’t finish the drive to the point where we weren’t able to throw the football like we needed to.  We could run it but we weren’t able to throw it like we needed to.  If you are one dimensional you can’t move the football and put it in the endzone.”


Comment on Bilbo at quarterback:

“It was something that was a change up, another way to get a big guy that was an athlete get him the ball.  We tried to put it in his hands and let him do something with it.  We have played three ball games and he hadn’t touch it much as he had needed to, so we thought we would let him touch it.


Comment on Miami defense:

“I looked at film from last year and they did have some very good players.  I think when you look at their football team, depth is one of the major things that they can count on and they have over other teams I see play.  They can throw two deep out there that are very, very good football players.  They can keep them fresh, corner goes down, somebody else walks out there that is a very good football player.  I think that is where they have an advantage over teams right now.”


Comment on what was told to the team after the game:

” I told them we didn’t execute well enough to win.  We went out there and fought hard.  I didn’t question their fight.  We did some decent things in certain areas, but we just couldn’t finish it off.  I tell them basically what I tell you.”


Comment on offensive play:

“I thought we moved the football.  We had one play real, that’s what is boils down to, we kicked a field goal.  You’ve got to have a touchdown, who wouldn’t.”


Comment on Patrick Carter getting more reps in practice this week:

“Possibly yes.”


Comment on Reggie’s decision making and being patient:

“I think it was, I’ll have to watch the film, but I think it was Reggie anticipating where the receivers were going to be.”


Comment on Chris Reis play:

“I thought he was all over the field.  It looked like it to me.  Watching it without the film looks like he made a lot of plays and a lot of tackles.  He certainly played a lot better this week and did a lot things and was involved a lot.”


Comment on PJ Daniels and would it have made a difference:

“It probably would have helped us.  If you lose the leading rusher in the ACC it hurts.  I don’t care who you are.”







Opening Comment

“This was probably our most complete game that we’ve had. I’m very encouraged, I really like what I saw. Our offense really came out. I made the statement that that’s what we needed to do. I thought we continued to run the ball well. Frank Gore had an outstanding day today, and we were able to create some big-play opportunities for Roscoe Parrish and Lance Leggett. We were very encouraged by that.


“All those players had a great week of practice this week. They really executed well, made those plays in practice, and we saw that carry over onto the field today.


“Defensively, again, an outstanding job by our defensive football team against an explosive quarterback and some very explosive receivers. I’m very excited about what we’re seeing there. We’ve got a lot of things we can improve on, but we took a step in the right direction today.”


[On Roscoe Parrish]

“I would have been surprised had he not come up. And this was a great outing today for Brock Berlin as well. He needed that for his confidence and for his team. But I did sense that from Roscoe, because he had made those plays in practice.”


 [On the plan to play Kyle Wright]

“Well, of course, it’s something you earn. I’m not going to sit here and say we’ll do that every game, but I want to see him play and have opportunities. He was a little shaky at times, but he made some nice plays too. You don’t get better unless you play, so I’d like to see him get some more playing time. I didn’t want to play him just one series. I wanted to see him play a couple series.”


 [On Brock Berlin]

“I think he was a lot more aggressive. He put a lot of extra practice time in with what he was doing. And guys came up with plays for him. It was a team effort, and that made everybody look a lot better. I thought he was playing awfully well before we pulled him. He prepared himself, and he was going to play well today. His record for us is unbelievable. I know he’s only lost two games in two years as a starter.


“I went into the game with Brock being the starter and wanting to play Kyle Wright. Brock knew that.”


 {On the injury to Eric Winston]

“I really don’t want to say now. I don’t think it’s good. But we’ll know later after an examination. He’s a great player. You lose a great player, and it hurts you. We have other good players, and somebody will have to step up. I couldn’t tell what happened.”


 [On Frank Gore]

“He didn’t play much against Houston because he had a sore knee. But it was much different today. He was very aggressive and ran the ball very well. And we blocked for him well, too.”







James Butler

On Giving up two big plays

“It’s all about fundamentals and we didn’t execute our fundamentals on those two big plays.”


On stopping the run

“We made a conscious effort to stop the run.  We put more guys in the box to try and stop the run.  I think our guys up front did a good job for us.”


On Miami’s Brock Berlin

“I thought Berlin did a good job running their offense.  I really wasn’t aware of who was at quarterback, just trying to focus on what we were supposed to do.”


Nate Curry

On not being able to connect on offense

“Miami was just better today.  Reggie [Ball] was rushed a lot and hurried his throws.”


On the dropped touchdown pass

“As the leader of this team, I should’ve caught that.  There was a pass interference on the play, but the ball went through my hands and I should’ve caught it.  It would’ve given us momentum going into the second half.”


Reggie Ball

On the rest of the season

“We have a lot more games to go.  It’s a tough loss at home, it doesn’t feel good, but we have to forget it and get ready to head to Maryland.”


On the possibility of a quarterback change

“I have not played well the last two weeks.  If coach thinks that he needs to make a change, I’m all for it.  I’m going to continue to work hard and lead this team the way I have been.”


On the big run play in the first quarter

“When you’re going up against a team like Miami and get off a 56-yard running play off the bat, you feel like you’re rolling.  But it just didn’t go that way today, it was one big play and you’re not going to win with just one big play.”


Chris Reis

On the loss

“It’s tough when you don’t come and play the game you know you’re capable of playing.  We just didn’t execute today and they played a tough game.  Things like that happen.”


On Maryland next week

“They are a very good offensive team and it’s going to be another challenge for our defense.  We’re excited about the opportunity.  We have the 24 hour rule, forget about this game and focus on Maryland.”





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