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Post-Game Quotes: Georgia Tech vs. Georgia


Opening Statement

“One of the hardest things to have to do in college football is have to say goodbye to a senior class. And especially a senior class the way our guys are. I apologize for being a little bit longer, but saying goodbye is never easy. Just the investment that group has made, the foundation they’ve laid for all of our future unbelievable success is really meaningful. Being in that locker room and seeing how much they care, how much they poured into this year, and it is evident with the way our guys kept battling and fighting regardless if it’s a depleted roster or who is out there playing for us. They just keep battling. The reason they do that is because of all the bonds that we forged throughout the offseason, all the bonds we forged throughout the things we do and the nature of our program and our culture. So, it’s hard. And not knowing that, when we come back in January and have our first team meeting, and knowing that Tyler Cooksey is not walking through those doors or Nathan Cottrell is not walking through those doors, Tyler Davis, Jared Southers, Brentavious Glanton, Christian Campbell, Scott Morgan, Ohmari Jarrett. They’re a special group. The culture that they’ve set, so when we come back in January, we’re not having to go from 180 to a million miles an hour so abruptly. The foundation is laid, we’re ready to get in here and get in to work because they know the expectations moving forward in this program. They know the things that we have to do to be the elite program that we’re on our way to being. So, sad that they’re gone, but excited about what they’ve done to lay the groundwork for the future of this program.”

“Obviously have to give hats off to the team that we just played. I still remember three years ago I was the defensive coordinator at Florida, first year in the development of that program, and just to see the impact they’ve made through recruiting, through development. That’s the way it should be. So we’re actively engaged in that part of the process right now but the part that was promising is you go into halftime being ready to go one score down against the No. 4 team in the country with an absolutely depleted roster of guys that are just fighting and battling and giving us a chance to be in that game. It bodes well for what’s going to happen with this program going forward.”

On what happened in the third quarter

“The level of attrition does catch up to you, but there are some things, the first sky kick to open up the second half, we did it because the sun was right down exactly where we were going to kick it. The kick was 15 yards shorter than it was supposed to be, and the guy was able to get it out to the 50 and get field position. And then the entire third quarter was completely a game of field position. I thought Pressley [Harvin], Nathan Cottrell did a great job. Jaytlin Askew before he got hurt. We’re changing the field, but once field position gets tipped in the other way, that was hard to overcome. Our guys kept battling but it got away from us there in the third quarter, and you can’t let that happen against the No. 4 team in the country. But it did, and the whole thing this year has been completely learning experiences, and one of the big parts of our offseason program is we do tug-of-war all the time, and one of the cardinal sins of the program is letting go of the rope, and I thought at times in the third quarter we let it slip and couldn’t find a way to get it back. We’ll make sure that we continue to build on that when we get back in the offseason.”

On not being able to capitalize on the three forced fumbles

“They’re really good. I thought we had some good momentum going into halftime, 17-7, thought we had a chance to get a little chip shot to make it a one-score game. Obviously that didn’t happen and we’ve still got to rally and find ways to get stops and move the ball.”

On what is taken away from this season heading into next season

“It’s everything. Time to reflect will be tomorrow, but this has been one of the most historic undertakings of the transformation of a college football program that has happened in 40 years. The people that get it and the people that understand what we’re going through, what we inherited, the situation, completely get it. [They] see the progress that we’ve made every single week all season. The ones that don’t want to get it, they’re not going to get it no matter how many times there’s things written and things said about what we’ve gone through. But I know the future is bright and all the things that we’ve learned together cumulatively in the first year are going to set us up for unbelievable success.”


Opening remarks

“I want to give a big thanks to our fans. I thought they turned out and took over the stadium as they’ve done so many times when we’ve played (on the road). There was a lot of red in the stands today, and I’m proud of that. I’m proud of our seniors. The senior class that’s going out of here, somebody told me, may be tied for the second-most wins of any senior class to ever leave Georgia. They got the benefit of some extra games with the format we’re playing now, but the second-most wins in the history of our school, which is pretty incredible when you think about what the seniors have been able to do.

“I’ll address the George Pickens situation. He was suspended for the first half (today) for violation of team rules, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. Then, unfortunately, he got an undisciplined penalty, and when you make undisciplined decisions, regardless of what’s done first, you pay a penalty for that. So he won’t be able to play the first half of next week. When you make emotional decisions, that’s what happens. We’re going to help George, help him grow up and make better decisions so that he can help our team. But that’s unfortunate.

“DeAndre Swift … I think he’s going to be fine, he’s got a shoulder contusion, and we think he’ll be fine, he should be back.”

On turnovers in the second quarter

“I didn’t address it at halftime. The kids understand. When you turn the ball over, it’s hard to be successful. The defense went out and had a sudden change and made some big stops. They didn’t make a stop once and cost us one (score). Then we had the surprise onside that we work on all the time. He had it, but he just lost it. He didn’t possess the ball and we turned the ball over. Our kids are resilient. They like to play, so when you have a sudden change, our defense is fired up. They want another opportunity to go out there and play, and I thought they did a good job of that.”

On the play of the receiver group

“We did some good things, and we did some things we need to do better. We’ve got to put them in a position to be successful. We need to run the ball to create play-action, and do more in that mentality. A lot of our scores were set up, either by punt returns, or one fumble in the end zone by those guys. We’ve just got to keep improving.  I’m proud of the way the receivers have worked. They’ve had a ton of reps this week, and a lot of work through low volume of guys. We’ve got less receivers than we’ve ever had. They did a good job. I thought Tyler (Simmons) really stepped up during the week and had a good game.

On your defense on third down

“They continued to play really well. I mean, I thought our defensive guys played super hard. They’ve got an unbelievable challenge in front of us this week. It’ll be a whole lot different than the team we just played, I can promise you that. They have passion, energy, juice. They love just playing football. They love to get in those situations, and I think they were 3-of-17 or something. Our guys really enjoy that.”

On Charlie Woerner’s first career touchdown

“Awesome. Think about how many blocks that guy’s had, and one touchdown. He told me before the game, he asked and said ‘what was your record against Tech?’ I told him 3-1, or really 4-1 if you count a redshirt year. He just said, ‘I want to go out on top so bad.’ For a kid who’s meant so much to our program, golly, the blocking value that he has had, and not getting as many catches as he deserved, for him to get that play was huge.”

On Jake Fromm’s performance

“We put a lot on him. You start talking about checks, making decisions, doing things. He did a good job adjusting. Geoff’s defense has always been good at disguising things, give you different looks. They did some good things. Jake made some good decisions when they got us. He threw the ball away a couple times and made good decisions. He’s got to continue to improve and play better. Jake gets us in and out of a lot of situations.”



On reflecting on the season and what was learned:

“Coach has just taught us that no matter what situation, to just go as hard as you can and attack at everything. I mean no matter the circumstances, your up by 60, down by 60, to just keep on attacking and I think that the team, myself included, has really worked on that and we have gotten a lot better at that. No matter the circumstances we’ve came to fight every single snap.”

On the significance of the senior class:

“A lot of those guys are some of my best friends. Its frustrating to send them out on a game like that, not what we planned. A lot of those guys played a really good game today and its their last game on The Flats and to put a good game together that is encouraging for them. It is kind of weird coming in with them and not going out with them, but I am glad I have the opportunity to come back next year and we are just gonna go to work.”

On what the phrase “Lead by Example” means to him:

“That’s our culture, our new culture is of course Maximum Effort and all that but Lead by Example. It is guys like Tyler Davis and Tyler Cooksey with the tight end group. I mean those guys are leaving a legacy of just how to do it. We’ve seen how our younger guys are developing faster and faster and that is what is going to take us to a top tier program is your young guys ready to play faster. A lot of these top tier programs that’s what it is. They have a depth because their young guys are able to play faster and so I think the culture is right around here and it is only going to get better and better. This next off season is going to be really tough and that is exactly what we need and I am looking forward to it.”


On stepping into the game for Tariq Carpenter:

“Not only was I playing for Tariq [Carpenter], but I was also playing for the seniors. We have two seniors we look up to on the defensive side, Christian Campbell and Brentavious Glanton. I mean coach [Collins] challenged us last night and throughout the whole week that if you don’t have anything else to play for, play for the seniors because they are an amazing bunch. That is really who I went out and played for.”

On what he learned his first full season:

“Getting out there, I realized communication on the field is key. A college football game is way more hectic than high school, so you need to communicate because if you don’t get the right play call that is when every bust happens. It is not that we’re not talented it is the it is just the lack of communication will hurt us at times. If you don’t get that part right its hard to make a play.”

On what he can take out of the season to apply it to next year:

“We are really young on both sides of the ball. Transitioning defense as well as offense and just the amount of effort and passion this team has even with all the adversity that we face I feel very confident from the fight that this team faced that we will go into next season with a better mindset and more outcomes that result in wins.”


On the feeling of finally getting the touchdown:

“Honestly, it wasn’t about me. I think the second that I caught it I thought about everyone that helped me out on this journey to be honest with you. I want to mention their names because I would not be able to be here right now without them. The trainers, Mark Smith, Eric Avila, Reya Booth, … the strength staff did a heck of a job the whole year, coach Lou [Caralla], Kyle Seger, Ed Thompson, coach Zach Reed, without them I don’t know if I would have made it this far. When I did it [caught the touchdown] I didn’t even think about myself to be honest. It kind of cultivated and reminiscent in my mind the journey that it took to get here and it wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for those people so those people don’t get enough credit and I am just so thankful that I got this year to spend with them and create friendships that will last on forever. Just really appreciative of what those people have done for me this year.”

On the tight end evolution:

“In general, I think everything will continue to evolve. Once guys start figuring out details it all will come. I think it just takes time, you can’t flip this thing over night and I think the guys did a heck of a job all year. The biggest thing I am proud of these guys. They are so bought in they are there every step of the way. They want to do everything possible to give everything they have every single day. I think that is what I’ll take with me the most is how proud I am of these guys. Never quit, no matter the record, no matter the score, the dudes on this team just fight every day. If you came to practice during the week any week it was the same from camp, same from August. I think with that attitude things are just gonna continue to evolve. Things are just gonna continue to go up and I have no doubt in my mind that during this off season the guys are gonna have a little sour taste in their mouth off the season in general and I know they’re gonna work harder than they ever have here so it will be exciting to see what they can do. “

On it being his last game:

“I tell people this all the time, I wish I could play college football forever. There is nothing quite like it, the alumni, the students, the bands, the fight songs, I just get emotional thinking about it. There is nothing like college football. I wouldn’t trade my journey of the last year for anything. I’m just truly thankful that I got to live out this dream here.”

On if there’s one thing to takeaway from the journey:

“I think it would be just give everything you have. I think I tried to do that since day one that I got here when I started to realize the clock was winding down. I think hopefully I pass it on to the younger guys here. That is the thing I will probably follow the most, just how they transform themselves into the college football players I know that they can be and just men in general since they got here. I was exactly the same, little immature 17-18 year old in college and it will be cool to see how they develop in the next four years not only as football players but as people. I think they have come a long way and I am really proud to share my time with those guys.”


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